6 Weirdest Animals in the World

1 Aye-aye– This creature is native to Madagascar and has teeth like a rodent, along with a middle finger-like appendage. It is the largest of the nocturnal primates, and is identifiable by the way in which it finds its food. It taps on the wood, then makes a hole by gnawing and using its long finger, which can be three times longer than the others and pulls out the grubs.

They have their dwelling mostly in the canopies of the forest, about 700 meters high. They sleep during the day, and nest in the forks of the trees. They weigh approximately 2.5 kilograms, reaching a length of 30-37 centimeters, with a tail of 44-53 centimeters. Their face is like a rodent, shaped like a raccoon, with large beady eyes. Their tail is similar to a squirrels, and their color can be a brown or black, with a ring of white around the neck.

2 Tapir– This animal is a pig-like mammal, with a short snout. There are four species, considered to be endangered, living in the jungles and forested areas of Southeast Asia, Central America and South America. They like to feed on the soft vegetation found in rivers, if they have access to it, but stick mostly to the forest though. They like to cool off in the rivers and have protection from any predators.

A tapirs food supply consists mainly of the young, tender growth of the leaves, berries and other fruit. They can consume up to 85 pounds of food in a day. They are very shy animals and would rather hide than have a confrontation, mostly hiding in the river bed.

3- Sucker-footed bat– Also from Madagascar, this bat has sticky suckers on its thumbs and feet. It roosts in the broad leaves of the tropical plants, so the suckers help it to climb and hold on. There is one other sucker-footed bat of this species and it also lives in the same region of the African island.

4 Saki monkey– There are a few species of this small monkey, with varying colors reddish-brown, gray or black. Their faces can be bare, but their heads are covered with fur. They have long, strong legs, which helps them to jump long distances. On all four legs, they move through the trees, very rarely coming down to land. They sleep curled up over the branches.

5 Sun bear– This bear is the smallest of the bear family, only being about 4 feet in length. The sun-bear has light weight sickle-like claws, with large paws and naked feet, to help them climb, which they are very good at, even though they walk pigeon-toed. Unlike other bears, they do not hibernate, so can give birth more often, sometimes having two cubs at a time, weighing approximately 10-12 ounces.

6 Red panda– These animals are related to the skunks, raccoons and weasels, and gets its name from its coloring, which helps the animal to blend in with the surrounding red lichen of China. The soles of their feet are thickly furred, so they can walk on the ice and snow.

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