6 Places on Earth Where There are Tons of Gold

As we all know, gold is a treasured mineral which is loved by all people all across the globe. If given with a gold gift, for sure you will take delight in getting one. However, almost all people are thinking just where this amazing mineral originates. What are the nations that are leading when it comes to gold mining? You should know these facts. After all, your ring will not just develop a beautiful gold ring unless you bought one.

  • South Africa- Although time, the Witwatersrand in South Africa is the leading source of gold all over the globe. Commonly known as the “Rand”, the place has been the source of about 40% of gold. In fact, a large portion of gold that were not still mine are believed to stay there.
  • United State- After South Africa, United States ranks the second when it comes to gold producing counties. The most popular states to produce gold is Nevada although California, Alaska, and Colorado also have their gold mining output.
  • Australia- Next in line is the country where koala and kangaroo exists, Australia has gold too! In this place, gold was primarily discovered near Ophir in New South Wales, and these days, it is significantly mined within Goldfields-Esperance as well as Pilbara regions of the Western Australia, as well as Bendigo, Victoria.
  • China- The giant in Asia is also known to produce gold. China is popular because of its huge population but now it is hitting the market like a storm because of gold production.
  • Peru- If you met a man from Peru and is offering marriage, you better grab the chance because there is a big probability that you will be able to enjoy gold mining in the place. The main export of Peru includes gold, copper, textiles, zinc, and fish meal. Truly, even Peru is just a humble place, it has loads of things to offer that will make its inhabitants affluent and well known.
  • Russia- With 159,340 gold production, Russia is not just popular for their skills in military but it also rock the world by its gold production. This nation too possesses greens hence they are known as the “lung of Europe” due to all the carbon dioxide it absorbs. Russian people should really be proud of what they have and they should thank nature for giving them much.

All of these countries listed above are places where you can find tons of gold. So don’t get curios next time when you hit the jewelry store and found out items that are tagged as China gold, Russian gold, etc because it only denotes the places where this glittering piece of metal is sourced.

Nevertheless, if you are an inhabitant of these places, take pride because you can’t always find a region where gold can be dug in their land. Keep in mind that gold is cherished in all regions of the world; you never know if you can build up a business because of gold production in your place.

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  1. You forgot the ocean, although we dont mine it there it has more than 10 billion tons of it there. We dont mine it because it would cost more than the actual gold is worth.

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