6 little known forms of government

Do you think you know all the forms of government that have existed in the world throughout history? Sure, you have heard of democracy that is the rule by the people, and chances are that you live in one. You must have also heard of other forms of government like anarchy, aristocracy, communist state, dictatorship, republic, and tyranny. Here are some more, and perhaps odd, forms of government.


Alternatively, in terms that are more general it is known as the rule of the thieves. It extends the wealth of governing officials by the embezzlement of the funds of the state and does not pretend to hide it from the public. The ruler in a kleptocracy usually treats the state’s treasury as his own personal account. One case in recorded history exists when this form of government was prevalent. This was around 1240 in the state of Keivan Rus’. In modern times, the leaders of some of the countries, believed to have embezzled state funds include leaders from Nigeria, Indonesia, and Philippines.


This is a form of government that is ruled by words. In this form, the use of words and the way they are expressed can give the ruler power over his subjects. The Soviet Union has been described as a logocracy by several people including Czeslaw Milosz who is a Nobel Prize winner.


This is the rule of people who have technology at their disposal or more accurately the rule of scientists, engineers, and technical experts. Their expertise and domain knowledge enables them to extend great power in the decision-making processes. United States and Europe have seen several movements and alliances that aim at propagating this form of government, at least in the domain specific units.


Gerontocracy is an oligarchy form of government in which the leaders or rulers are significantly older in age than the rest of the adult population of the state. The oldest person in the clan holds the maximum power over the people. Communist states are more likely to have this form of government. Several countries have seen this form of government during their history. These include the Soviet Union, China, Vietnam, North Korea, Hungary, and East Germany among many others.


Minarchism is a form of government, which recognizes the protection of individual life and liberty to be the only legitimate functions of the government. This government exists only to control outbreak of violence and aggression and protect its citizens from such harm. However, beyond this, the government has no role to play in the welfare of the state.


This is a form of government in which a mob of people rule the state, usually with the aid of brute force and by intimidating the constitutional authorities in the country. There is no common view or consensus among the various mobs and conflicts are resolved by the use of force. Ancient Rome is a classic example of this type of government.

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