5 Wrong Assumption that can Help you Lose Friends

Not unless you accidentally slipped into the shoes of Cruela de Vil, you wouldn’t want the idea of losing friends. Having a buddy who can share your ups and downs is a rewarding feeling because you know that there is someone who can back you up no matter what the odds may bring. With this, you will surely do anything that will make you and your friend intact. Here are some assumptions that may help you lose friends, so better stir clear from them:

  • If I Don’t have any Money, my Friends will Hate Me- The problem with lots of people is that they will base their relationship with others on money. They will go out and be with their friends if they have cash on hand but when they ran out of money, they will start to get enclosed in the closet because they do not wish other to think that they are poor. In the end of the day, they will feel used, thinking that they are not loved at all when the real problem comes from their own.
  • If I am Not Cool, I will Lose my Friends- Ever heard of friends stealing from neighboring beer shop when they have the money to buy in the first place? This is the case of peers influencing one another just for them to look cool. If you continue to do this, you will soon lose your true friends.
  • Screwing your friend’s Dumb Boyfriend will Help- Just because you think that your friend should get rid of his “hooker’ boyfriend, does not mean that you can actually screw him. Get some respect!
  • Getting your Friend’s Things is Acceptable because you are Close like Sisters- Even though you grew up together or even though you know every little secret that she had, you should always make it a point to respect her possessions. Let her know that you wish to borrow her car or ask her permission before using her treasured comb which was given to her by her boyfriend on their trip to Tahiti.
  • Believing that your Friend should Get the Least of Respect just because you are Close will lead you to trouble- There are some friends who became too confident with one another that they can threw jokes on each other without thinking if they can hurt or create an injury. Do keep in mind that despite your closeness, you friends need all the respect that she can get especially when you are on the crowd.

Be sure not to do any of these assumptions to your friends because you will be losing real friends and keeping false ones. It’s hard to find true friends so the moments you have them, never try to test them by making them feel really bad. Always learn how to respect their feelings, the way that they do to you. Also, show them how much they mean to you so they can repay you with kindness as well.