5 Weird Things about Ancient Rome

Ancient Roman society has helped develop lots of important tools and ideas that are still used today. The aqueduct, the roads and open citizenship type of civilization are a few of the obvious ones. Like all great things, Rome had a few flaws and we should be thankful that those did not survive. Here are a few of the weird traditions of ancient Rome.

Funeral Sacrifice

In ancient Rome there were two methods of funerals. One was a regular funeral where the dead would be buried in the cemetery in the presence of his loved ones and the other had sacrifices. The one with the sacrifices is interesting because not many culture’s have sacrifice’s at funerals. There are some traditions of sacrifices for the birth of a child but the death of a person. This was unique to Rome. The sacrifice would be made at the same of the burial. The sacrifice victim was usually a pig…but sometimes exceptions would be made. Other animals would be sacrificed such as a bull and sometimes even humans. Human sacrifices were rare though and only reserved for the most important.

Fertility Medicine

Fertility has been a difficult subject for a long time even at the Great Roman Empire. Fertility issues would make a man not man and same for a woman. There were many disgusting placebo treatments for it. Such as eating the genitals of some mammals or something along those lines but this was not the case in Rome. In Ancient Rome, a very popular treatment was drinking the blood of gladiators. What most people didn’t know is that drinking human blood is unhealthy even more so if the blood is someone else.

The Colosseum

The Greeks did have men fight each other for entertainment in the Olympics but it was not a fight till the death. Fortunately killing each other is no longer considered a form of entertainment even if your prisoners or slaves. The Colosseum was not only a cemetery for humans but animals too. Animals added unpredictability and fun for the public. Only in the first day of the Colosseum 5000 animals were killed, thankfully that rate did not continue for its full duration. Despite the horrible things that happened in the coliseum, the structure itself is a piece of engineering genius even today. Its capacity in its heyday was over 300 thousand, much larger than any modern stadium.


The fake hairpiece known as toupee was also present in Ancient Rome long before anywhere else. Women wore it for beauty and fashion. Men wore it out of fear. A men with a bald head was not something’s the Romans liked. The Romans were very superstitious so they had weird reasons to dislike a lot of things. Julius Cesar, the famous conqueror of Gaul, had a male baldness pattern and was known to wear wigs.

Roman Poetry
Romans did tend to have a good eye for the arts. They had theatre, music, literature and sculptures. They also had poetry…well that one they didn’t have a great eye for. Romans were believed to have a really obscene sense of humour, which is why the Latin language has a lot of words with sexual references. To really know what the Romans were about search the poem Catullus 16.