5 unusual mental disorders

Several mental disorders affect thousands of people worldwide. While some of these illnesses are more common and frequent among people, some disorders are rare and not commonly found. Here is a list of some uncommon, rare mental disorders that affect people.

• Reduplicative paramnesia

This is a rare mental disorder in which a person believes that the place he is present in is not where it is supposed to exist, rather it has been duplicated in some other location. He is thus of the idea that the same place exists in two different locations simultaneously. For example a person in his bedroom, living in London, is aware of the fact that he is still in his room in his house but his house is now located in Tokyo. He believes his house still exists in London but the same house is also in Tokyo where he is now. This condition is commonly associated with brain injuries sustained during an accident.

• Capgras delusion

This is a disorder in which a person believes that his acquaintance or his family or friend has been replaced by a similar looking person who is an impostor. This disorder is usually found among people suffering from schizophrenia though in some cases it has been reported to be found in people having suffered an injury to the brain. This syndrome of misplaced identity can have a severe detrimental effect since the person will start displaying a lack of trust in his family and friends.

• Fregoli delusion

The Fregoli delusion or the Fregoli syndrome is a rare disorder. A person suffering from this delusion believes that different people are actually the same person, moving about in different disguises. This disorder can give way to paranoia where a person starts believing that someone is trying to hurt them and keeps taking the form of different people in their family or the form of people the patient meets.

• Stendhal syndrome

This disorder is also known as Hyperkulteremia or the Florence syndrome. In this disorder, a person begins to experience confusion, nausea, and an increased heartbeat when exposed to any form of art. This usually takes place if the artwork is impressive or a lot of it is present in one single place. In other words, the hallucinations arise because the person is unable to cope up with the enormous attractiveness of the world. This disorder takes its name Florence syndrome from the huge number of people that suffer from this condition when they visit Florence.

• Cotard delusion

The Cotard delusion or more commonly known as negation delusion is a disorder in which a person believes that he is dead or does not exist for real or has lost his body parts and organs. This disorder could manifest itself in people who wake up after an accident believing they are dead, and are now roaming in the streets of heaven or hell. This disorder has also been observed in cases of people suffering from depression and schizophrenia

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  1. I have been studying disoders,syndromes and what not scence I was 11,and I had capgras as a little girl, I also have aspergers syndrome, and am hoping not also to find out I’m schizophrenic, even tho people with a.s. have similarity with schizophrenic, I match the symptoms all to well. I also have a question, anyone herd of someone who mimcs symtoms of disoders of someone they are around alot, such as how ones bipolar disorder might rub off on the people that lived with them, me and my best friend had shared deppression, is it possible to develope disoders just from reading about them being schizo, or from haviing damage to the frontal lobes of the brain? PLEASE HELP

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