5 Reasons You Should Consider Becoming a Traveling Nurse

The decision to be a nurse is a good one. You’ll rarely find another career path with the combination of job security, flexible employment options, and high pay as that of a nurse. With a degree in nursing, you have so many choices when it comes to where and how you want to work. Want to work with premature babies during the graveyard shift? How about recovering cancer patients on the weekends? Or, you may want to assist post-surgical patients in an outpatient setting. Whatever it is you want to do, chances are that you can find something to suit your interests when you go into nursing. One thing you might not have considered is being a traveling nurse. A traveling nurse moves from assignment to assignment, and may be gone from home for weeks at a time. Why might you want to consider becoming a traveling nurse? Here are five reasons:

See the World

As a traveling nurse, you have the opportunity to travel the globe from one exotic location to the next. If you’ve been stricken with wanderlust, then a career as a travel nurse could be just what the doctor ordered.


Being a traveling nurse gives you the opportunity to experience a wide array of employment environments, nursing specialties, cultures, and people. If you’re the type of person who thrives on new experiences, then there is possibly no better way to gain that experience than to travel (while getting paid to do it).


Traveling nurses bring in a great income. Statistically speaking, traveling nurses average around $40 an hour – plus benefits. Additionally, traveling nurses have all of their living expenses paid for while they travel, and receive per diem pay for each day they are away.


If you have a family at home, then you may opt only to accept assignments in your area, just traveling from facility to facility. Or, if you’d rather use your career as an opportunity to see the world, you can choose to stay on assignments for long stretches of time, then take as long as you like in between jobs to catch up on the home front. When you’re a traveling nurse, the choice is yours.


When you travel as a nurse, you meet increasingly more professionals in your field who can help you move up the career ladder and open new doors for your future.
If the prospect of seeing the world, making a lot of money, setting your own schedule and meeting a variety of new people sounds great to you, then you should consider becoming a traveling nurse. Search the Internet for agencies that help individuals find jobs in healthcare and make an appointment to find out more about how you can jump start your nursing career in this exciting way.