5 Reasons Why You Should Believe in Astrology

In ancient times, Astrology was used to predict the birth of children.  It was also used by the Chinese to know what’s in store for babies when they grow up.  Astrology was also used as the basis for determining the character traits of children and their future.

Practitioners of astrology were respected and honored among the Chaldeans, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and Arabs.  Astrology became popular in Europe during the ancient times.

Based on the stars, astrologers could determine the fate that awaits the children when they grow up; either they were born to have a good life or they were doomed to suffer.

Even now, Astrology is still part of human life and many people especially in Asia believe in this art.  Compatibilities in human beings are based on the planets and stars with emphasis on the dates of birth.  This art has continuously propagated due some occurrences in the past which were attributed to its power of divination.

Many believers have witnessed events in their lives which became a reality out of astrological prediction.  Events were predicted out of symbols and images with corresponding meanings provided by astrologers.  This was combined with palm reading and the use of tarot cards for precision in readings.

Astrology deals with the effect of forces in the universe toward the human life on earth. Records of history show that there is a great influence of the stars and planets on the life of human beings.

Astrology does not require anyone to believe or not.  It is a tool that can help you to interpret the symbols in your own chart of life which can give deep insights into your life purpose and life lessons including your needs, spiritual, emotional, mental, social, and physical.

One of the most popular and commonly used applications of astrology is natal astrology. By using a natal chart, an astrologer can tell you the beginning of your life and what lies ahead.

In choosing the most appropriate time for establishing a new business, or starting a trip, astrology made a major part.  It is advisable to find good dates for events like weddings, filing of law suits, etc.

Even in politics, Astrology also plays an important role.  Many politicians consult astrologers when is the best time to launch their political career and when to lie low.  Even people who intend to take a certified examination are inclined to take the advice of astrologers.  An analysis on the movements of the planets and their position influence the entire populations, by countries, cities or localities, eclipses, and full moons.

The application of astrology has also something to do with problems of health, mainly as a diagnostic gauge when confronted with symptoms of diseases.

In dealing with astrology, one has to use his deep analysis of facts and events on a realistic point of view.  It is improper for a person to blame it on the stars or karma whenever he fails in his life.  He must treat astrology as a guide to improve his life and not totally depend on its outcome.