5 reasons why we should have stringent rules for online games


Whether it is online or offline, it is better to remember the fact that games are for fun. They are to make our life more lively and energetic. When we play a game, particularly an online game, we have to follow certain rules so that it maintains a decency and spirit of the game. Remember that you may be sitting in front of your monitor to play the game, but actually you are playing with another human being who might be sitting miles away from you. That person might be from an entirely different culture and nation and that makes it difficult to frame the etiquette rules for online games. So we need stringent rules to maintain the online game etiquette. Unless the rules are rigorous, the correctitude of human relationship will be ruined.

1. Chat room rules

Care must be taken in a chat room to avoid any violation of the rules. Just listing out the exhaustive list of chat room rules is not sufficient and we need some strict rules to be followed so that all players adheres the rules.

Typing language

In the chat room while typing your message, you are not supposed to write using only capital letters. Typing the entire text using only upper case letters is an abuse. It is more or like yelling at your online mate.

Foul language

It is really bad to use foul language in the chat room. Whatever the reason might be, using a foul and bad language is prohibited. Using foul language gives a bad opinion about your country as well.


Emoticons are small size symbolic pictures which we send while we text message. Smiley face emoticons are used when we want to smile to the other person. Using emoticons are not advisable in a chat, when you play an online game. Because emoticons are powerful tools which express our emotions strongly. A small mistake in their choice will end up in a spoiled relationship.


Any nickname chosen to play online games should not affect others. They are not supposed to affect the others religious beliefs too. Nick names should not abuse the others sexually.

2. Playing fair

Winning or loosing does not matter because deep in us we need to know that all the games are for fun and a game is played for games sake only. Winning by cheating will not give the true bliss of a winning. Because our conscience will know that it is a pseudo win. Since you know that it is not a true one how can you enjoy it? If winning a game is really that much important to you, then learn from your defeats and learn from your opponents to improve your games. Still you feel the game is too tough for you then search for a game which is more comfortable to you. Choose an opponent who is more or less equal to you.

3. Winning etiquette

Boasting your winning at the cost of your opponents feelings is a bad way of showing your evil traits. There are certain ways to celebrate your winning which will not offend the others.

I. Don’t degrade your opponent.
II. Don’t comment about his poor game.
III. Don’t link his defeat to his nation.
IV. No one knows about everything in a game. Make sure you guide your opponent just in case he needs any help in the game. Remember that you too might have received some help in the beginning.
V. Don’t forget to shake hands with your friend at the end of the game.
VI. A small talk at the end would be of very polite and appreciable.

These winning etiquettes are necessary as they are all part of sportsmanship and unless these are followed strictly, decorum of the game can not be maintained with its beauty.

4. Losing etiquette

Losing leads to depression and depression in turn leads you to bad behaviour. Accepting the defeat with a positive attitude is a step stone of your future victories. You might have lost the game and not your confidence. You will get your day soon, where you will be able to prove one or two things to the world. Till then the following might be of some useful tips.

I. Don’t show your anger.
II. Avoid any sort of verbal abuse.
III. Discuss the game with a positive attitude.
IV. Do not quit in the middle to avoid defeat; fight till the end.
V. Shake hand with a warm heart.

The entire set up of online games depend on these types of etiquettes so the stringent rules for online games are always needed.

5. Ignore insults

It is better to ignore the insults as they have no real meaning and you need not hang over them forever. Reciprocating an insult does not solve the problem. There are possible ways to ignore the insulting persons forever by blocking any further communications from him.


Unfortunately online games involve rudeness, vulgar language, bad manners and misbehaviour. People involve emotionally in the game which makes their behaviour unpredictable. So we need the rules to guide people. Rules, strict rules we need. If we have some stringent rules for all the online games, then the online games will be appreciated by all the sport loving souls of the world.