5 Reasons to Believe that UFOs are Existing on Earth

Are Unidentified Flying Objects a Reality or a Myth?  The US government has taken this matter seriously for 22 years with Project Blue Book in the years 1947 – 1969.  At the end of the observation period, however, it was concluded that there was no concrete proof of a national security threat from these UFOs and there was no reliable evidence of a powerful technological source of any kind which can be attributed to extraterrestrial origin.  Because of this, the project was shut down for good.

Many people criticized the Project Blue Book saying that the real purpose of the project was to conduct espionage sighting the UFOS as their reason.  No further credible explanation was offered about them.

Therefore, if the government does not believe on unexplained phenomena such as UFO’s as threat to national security, does that mean that we are living here on earth independently and no one is visiting us from other civilizations?

First, it is somewhat unbelievable that we are the only living creatures in the universe with the ability to think, produce and create powerful technological objects.  It may be possible that there are other civilizations in the universe that have the capability to visit us whenever they wish.

Second, there are stories from pilots and astronauts who have encountered strange flying objects in the outer space.  They are strong witnesses to some fascinating stories that have come out from their own experiences.

The former chief of NASA communications, Maurice Chatelain, revealed that every spaceship flight dispatched in the outer space was monitored by sophisticated flying objects of unknown origin, and that huge vehicles, also of undetermined origin, were watching on the moon as the astronauts landed.

Third, there were many sightings and abductions in different parts of the world but no military power has ever been applied and no single exchange of fire occurred against these mysterious objects ‘though they have appeared many times in the radar screens.  Are they so peaceful that they don’t want war?  Maybe, because that means at least we are safe here.  It may also be that they think we are no match to their weapons anyway.

The fourth reason to believe that there are UFOs is based on several theories that have been made as to why there is an alien presence on earth.  E.T. is planning to invade the earth and all human beings will either be extinguished or enslaved.  Abductions by E.T. are done to experiment on human genetics that will ultimately be followed by the creation of an alien/human hybrid that they can use to dwell. They may be facing the problem of extinction so, they have to multiply.

Though these theories are hard to prove, they are at best speculations or workings of the mind based on fictional scenarios.

Lastly, the Edgar Cayce theory gives the idea that they exist on our planet because they are familiar with human beings. Aliens are here to help us know where we really came from; not from evolution, not the beginning but weirder and more unbelievable than that.