5 Reasons to Believe that the Contents Written in the Bible are Authentic

Less than a century ago, critics of the Holy Bible raised hundreds of historical errors of the Book. One of the most vicious attacks on the historical accuracy of the Holy Bible is the theory advanced that writing was not yet existent during the time of Moses and therefore, there was no way that the events in the Book of Genesis were recorded.

Are you a believer of the Bible or do you consider it as a myth?

Some biblical critics go as far as saying that the Old Testament merely narrated myths that have been passed down by oral tradition from generations. This theory has been repudiated by the excavations of hundreds of thousands of inscriptions, marks, pictures, and other forms of writing found in stone and clay tablets in the ruins of biblical cities even before the time of Moses by centuries and millenniums.

Big libraries with thousands of books have also been uncovered in many cities in Babylonia as well as in other biblical places like Ur, the early home of Abraham, the father of the Hebrew nation.

With the coming of archaeology, each spade dug in the ruins of biblical cities has unearthed records that coincided exactly with biblical accounts.

By digging the mound ruins in biblical cities, which were as high as 100 feet, the life and civilization of the people during the biblical times were revealed. These mound ruins sometimes cover as many as 20 cities, each city being identified by a separate layer. Through the passage of time, the mounds grew bigger in height and width due to continuous accumulation of the earth.

Sometime in 1947, the Dead Sea became the focus of world attention when the oldest manuscripts of the Holy Bible were found in the desert caves near the northwestern shores of the Dead Sea more specifically in a cave in the Qumran Valley. In later years between 1950 and 1960, other biblical manuscripts were again excavated in other caves, this time in the western shores of the Dead Sea.

A total of 11 caves yielded other manuscripts and documents. The Dead Sea Scrolls is considered today as one of the greatest discoveries of biblical archaeology of this century. It is also the most significant archaeological breakthrough even made regarding the Old Testament of the Holy Bible.

Biblical archaeology involved the excavation of the ruins in the biblical places like Palestine, Egypt, Babylonia and other countries with which the Hebrews and the early Christians came in contact with. The ruins revealed the material remains of the artifacts the ancient men used in their daily lives like tools, weapons, utensils, charred bits of wood buried in the ruins, documents or other manuscripts that give indication of the lifestyle of the ancient people.

The collection of Dead Sea Scrolls also included documents and other artifacts found inside an ancient building near a cliff overlooking the Dead Sea. All these artifacts that have been excavated are now in the possession of the government of Israel and housed in the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.