5 Reasons to Believe that Left-Handers are more Successful than Right- Handers

For many years, it has been argued that left-handers are more successful than right-handers.  What may be the reasons for this?

Some famous left-handed men in history are successful in their careers such as Alexander the Great, Julius Cesar, Napoleon Bonaparte, Michaelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Beethoven, Benjamin Franklin, Mark Twain, Albert Einstein, Paul McCartney, Bruce Jenner, John McEnroe, former U.S. Presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush.

One who fights with left hand in boxing is generally believed to emerge as the winner.  A left-hander in boxing refers to a fighter with his right foot forward while holding his left at the rear aiming for a fatal attack.

However in history, being left-handed has been labeled negative, meaning to say that you’re not actually doing the right thing.  Even today, leftists are regarded as people who are leaning on the wrong side of the path.  Men who are doing the right thing are called rightists, not leftists.  Men who betray their wives are branded as left-turners.

If you listen to boxing trainers talk about left-handed boxers, you might be amazed that they somewhat fear left-handers.  A boxing trainer said that nobody wants to fight a left-hander in boxing, it’s a suicide.

The impression that left-handed men are powerful has been existing for centuries.  Some researchers believe that there is an uncommon level of testosterone during pregnancy that causes left-handedness.  Researchers believe that everyone was born to be right-handed and that problems during pregnancy or delivery made a person left-handed.

But findings revealed that immune system problems exist among left-handers.  One of the most prominent left-handers who have immune system disorder is President George Bush, while President Bill Clinton has allergies.  Researchers also theorized that left-handers are more likely to die of accidents than right-handers. Left-handers are also believed likely to be more dyslexic, schizophrenic, alcoholic, and delinquent.

A hypothesis from researchers came out that left-handedness can be associated with violence, because violent left-handed people have more advantage in fighting than the right-handed. They found a positive correlation between murder rates and percentage of left-handed people in several societies.  If there are more left-handed people in a community, the higher the homicide rate may likely be.

Fighting with a left-handed boxer is not as easy as you may think.  All of his punches come from opposite directions than what boxers are trained to expect.  A right-handed fighter finds it difficult to block a left-hander’s attack because he feels that all his punches are coming from the wrong direction.

During the past centuries, there were no left-handed fighters.  Men who were born left handed were considered inferior due to abnormal pregnancy reasons, thus, they were not accepted as boxers.  Great fighters refused to face left-handers in their boxing careers.  It was considered an improper way to box an inferior person.

However, it was found out later that left-handers are powerful fighters.  They trick opponents because their power is coming from an unexpected direction and from an unseen angle.  This is the reason why they were avoided by right-handers in the ring.