5 Places that Everyone Should Visit at Least Once in Life

As someone living on this planet, you surely know that your nation is not the single-place where people exist. There are so many countries that you can visit and there are so many sites that you should see. But since it is impossible to set your feet on all of these countries, you should try to at least discover those that are surely worth the visit. Below are 5 places that you need to go at least once in life. If you miss them, you will miss to see the beauty of life.

Eiffel Tower – Travel to Europe for an adventure in the Eiffel Tower, the place is known as being a famous landmark, it is noted that there is never a single structure which was constructed like the Eiffel Tower. If you measure this, the tower stands 984 feet high which make it as one of the tallest buildings in the entire world. You can view Paris from the tower which is surely breathtaking.

Pyramid of Egypt– Discover history by going to this place. This is known the biggest and the oldest among the three pyramids found in Giza Necropolis. This also belongs to the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Many people visit the place because of the belief that it was created as a tomb for the fourth dynasty Egyptian King in the name of King Khufu.

Bora Bora- If you love the beach then you should never fail to go here so you can experience a taste of paradise! There are two towering rocks that can be found at the center of the island which make a beautiful backdrop to the assortment of crystal clear water that will never fail to dazzle your eyes. Try windsurf, scuba dive, jetski, swim, and a whole lot more!

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon
-For people who love history, this is surely a must-visit place. This was built by King Nebuchadnezzar II and this is a mountain-like series of terraces with plants on them. This hanging garden is made up of a number of tiers of platform terraces that are extending in amazing height. You will be able to see trees as well as colorful plants that abundantly grow on terraces, which are then irrigated with water coming from the Euphrates River.

Venice– If you are fascinated with beautiful building, scenic canals, and a place with famous landmarks then Venice is a place to go which in return will give you a unique experience of traveling. The city is great for lovers since it is known to showcase romance, offers a fantastic photo opportunities, exude history, and good food that you can find at every corner.   Going to Venice is surely an experience that you will not forget and will cherish forever.  Since the place is kid-friendly, you can tag along your toddler and get the chance to teach them about history while making them appreciate beautiful scenery that are uniquely found in Venice.