5 Nations that Get No Respect

Each Nation exists with respect given by their citizens, but there are some who get no respect at all from other people outside their nation. Here are some of the nations that get no respect because of some incidents:

  • UK gets no respect when it comes to the surveillance of their citizens- There are a lot of aspects why UK was tagged this way. First, they do not have enough law when it comes to accountability and data breach disclosure. Their commissioner also posses a very few powers that they are not deemed necessary. Also, interception of communication is allowed by politicians.
  • Australia get no respect because of the failure in preserving wildlife- This nation should love the fact that they own a great wildlife—they can enjoy wombat, koala, and kangaroo. But despite this, they own the record for wildlife preservations. About 10 percent of their wildlife had disappeared which gave the nation a great embarrassment. But they are now exhausting their means just to be able to preserve what they have left, hopefully this will not be a worthless action of preserving species again.
  • Somalia is the most corrupt nation in the world, no respect for them- When it comes to most corrupt countries, Somalia ranks as number one perhaps because of the fact that no government exists in this place. Different regional authorities would operate on level of mega-gangs. Nevertheless, a lot of foreign companies are known to thrive at this place because its private wireless networks are known to give better service compared to their neighboring nation.
  • US has the worst HIV case- A report says that DC have at leadt 3 percent of residents who are living with Aids or HIV and the mode of transmission is still on the rise. The problem is not becoming an epidemic that puts very sex and race on the line. An estimate of 1 in every 10 residents that are on the age of 40 to 49 are suffering from HIV and the black men are suffering from the highest infection rate. It was fond out that the transmission is on the highest by men having sex with men, then with heterosexual relationships, and through injections.
  • India being the nation with highest malnourished kids- It seems as if India is losing its battle against hunger again because their children are again underweight. This will of course not paint a rosy picture on the nation because people will again see India as a place of hunger and dying. With this, it is not impossible why it never get a respect from other regions in the world.

These are some of the countries that hold the worst record for different events which lead them to gain no respect from people. There is no telling how long they will bear this impression but they can always work their way to clear out these stains tagged in their names. If only they will learn how to improve their living condition and straighten up the rules that they follow.