5 Most Popular Crime Locations

Either it murder, homicide, rape, or anything—crimes are surely scary! If you wish to protect yourself against attackers or anyone who can cause you any harm then you may want to check those places with highest crime rate so you can be sure that you are not living within their locality. Here are some places that you may want to get your foot out of:

  • Vatican City- if you think that just because the holiest of all is living in this place then you are protected from danger, think again. Due to the fact that millions of people would visit this state each year, tendency is that crime rate within the city will explode. With only 824 residents, the crime rate of Vatican City seems to be enormous because civil offenses that each people would commit per year would result to 82.7% of the total population. The crimes committed though are just minor petty theft such as pickpocketing, purse snatching, shop lifting and most of the perpetrators are outsiders which results to only 10% of the total crimes are prosecuted.
  • Colombia- With the rate of 0.617847 per 1,000 people when it comes to murder, this nation tops the other countries when it comes to their crime rates. However, as of these days, the incidence of crimes has decreased in most urban destinations which include Bogota, Barranquilla, Medellin, and Cartagena.  In fact, the incidence of kidnapping had greatly decreased over the past few years.
  • Dominican Republic- American citizen should know that they are the common target of crime here because they are known as attractive targets hence it is important to maintain low profile as to prevent becoming the next victim of illegal activity. In dealing with their local police, American citizens should know that the standard of professionalism may vary since there are some who tend to solicit bribes while some may use excessive force.
  • Finland- despite the fact that crime rates here is lower compared to US and other European nation, it has increase during the recent years. Good thing, American who would visit the place would rarely fall victim of crimes although visitors should never be complacent in terms of personal safety. Another excellent point about Finland is the fact that they have great police officers, even though it should be noted that most police officers would merely speak a little English. The country possesses also one of the lowest numbers of police officers.
  • Jamaica- most of the time, gang violence as well as shootings take place on areas of Kingston as well as Montego Bay. These areas include would normally include Cassava Piece, Mountain View, Tivoli Gardens, Trench Town, and Arnett Gardens in Kingston, while it is Flankers in Montego Bay. But keep in mind though that crimes can happen anywhere hence they are not merely limited to these places. Because of high risk, there are some neighborhoods which are subject to curfews. There are times when impromptu demonstrations take place.

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  1. I do not know where these statistics come from. Anyone worrying about their trip to the Dominican Republic should do some more research. The island has some problems with crime but no more than many locations in industrialized nations.

    Carlos Rodriguez

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