5 Mistakes that Become Medical Miracles

Mistakes can sometimes lead to greater things. People should never hate themselves for each failure that they do because no one knows how these failure can turn into something grand. It is important to learn from its missteps. Buckle up yourself because here are 5 human mistakes that lead to amazing medical miracles:

Living without a Heart in 118 Days- The heart is the vital organ in every body; without it, living is impossible. The 2nd day of July is supposedly a good day to D’Zhana Simmons who was 14 years old that time. He underwent a transplant to treat her enlarged heart. But the good day eventually lead to an odd one when the new heart never functions the right way. Because of this, medical mistakes, the doctor have no choice but to simply remove the new organ but there is no heart available so they simple have to make use of two artificial pumps which is intended to keep the blood flowing. This is a medical miracle because the artificial heart was able to sustain living for about 4 months. After then, the girl receives a new heart which is extremely successful that she had to go for a kidney transplant the following day.

Because of Mistakes, a Man have to Hold his Own Skull– While Sambhu Roy, 25 was working one day, he suffered from an high-voltage electric shock. But the odd event never occurred until 9 months after the accident, the large part of his skull eventually fell off. The medical miracle is that everything happens without the man falling ill or anything. His doctor said that the skull loosened because there is no enough blood supply on such region of the skull due to the shock.

The Baby who was Born Twice– While Macie Hope McCartney is still in the womb, she had a tumor in a size of a grapefruit which is as large as she is when she’s still four months. Because there is a mistake in the normal process of conception, the doctor voted to pull out 80% of the fetus so they can remove the tumor Beating the odds, the baby was again delivered — a second time – about 10 weeks later and she is in good health.

After 19 years in Coma, the Man Woke up– Jan Grzebski who is then 46 years old at that time, slipped into coma because of brain tumor. Because he is asleep for about 19 years, the doctor chooses to simply pull the plug that supports him. But they were wrong because 19 years later, the man woke up. This is a gratifying medical miracle for those who can wait.

Fertility Clinic mistake on using a Wrong Sperm– Nancy Andrew expected to have a beautiful baby after vitro fertilization procedure done in New York, but they fond out through DNA that the bank used the wrong sperm. But despite this mistake, the couple come to love Baby Jessica.