5 Man Eaters

Often it is the reverse, we killing the wild animals but history has shown us, that the hunter can be hunted.

1. The North American Bear lives nearly everywhere habitable in North America. It is smaller and known to be less aggressive than the grizzly. But it surely can be deadly and a dangerous beast. It has caused many harmful attacks each year but the most memorable was that of 1963, when Alaskan blueberry crops were bad, the bear found an alternative…Yes, the hungry bears killed at least four people and harmed many more.

2. The Estuarine Crocodile or call it the Saltwater Croc, this is the biggest species of crocodile and the most effective man eaters in the planet. It is thought that they kill 2,000 people each year. They live in Oceania, and are an apex predator. The most devastating attacks on humans recorded was: When the British troops trapped 2,000 Japanese soldiers in the bay of Bengal. The noise of gunfire and blood invited the Crocs and they had themselves a meal. The British soldiers heard screams all night and when they decided to move in the morning, they found only 20 Japanese soldiers alive.

3.The Giant Squid, is a carnivorous predator. It has the same eyes as the human and has 10 arms. They get mixed with the octopus who only attack humans when threatened. The most notable attack was when the British boat “Britannia” sank, the people who were holding onto debris were pulled down by the Giant Squid. Also the Giant Squid normally eats the female after mating.

4.The Komodo Dragon of the Indonesian Island. They are as long as 3meters and weight up to 300 pounds. They are known to be top of the food chain predators. It is hard to know if one has killed a human since a  Komodo will eat everything of it’s prey even it’s bones. One french tourists shoes were left as proof, another German mans glasses were found on the ground with no trace.

5.Leopards, known as the hardest of the big cats to hunt, because of their intelligence and abilities. They can climb tree’s, swim on shallow waters, stalking from tall grasses, they do everything. In the central parts of India, Leopards have been known to invade native huts at night and kill humans. The Panwar man-eater who was thought to have killed around 400 people was shot in 1910 by Jim Corbett, who the following year shot the Champawat Man-Eater.

There are so many more man-eaters, maybe I will add a few more next time.

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  1. Can you please post a citation for the people on the Britannia being eaten by squid? I have never been able to find any confirmed cases of a human being eaten by a giant squid, just various Web articles that do not offer any supporting information. As far as I have been able to find out there are no confirmed cases of anyone being killed by a giant squid.

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