5 Largest busiest cities

Most people get it wrong when someone asks them which are the five largest cities, the main reason behind that is, most of us are just IGNORANT and ignore almost everything, thus this post will share a good trivia question that you can ask friends and foes and pull their legs this will also help you improve your general knowledge which is always good.

1. Tokyo – Japan Population 35 Million by the way the picture on top is not eiffel tower but actually Tokyo Tower, if you ever visit Tokyo you better check out Tokyo Tower at night because it is one amazing peice of art.

2. Mexico City – Mexico Population 19 Million, a very colorful night picture of Mexico City, if you ever visit Mexico make sure you go on top of one of the buildings and check out the night view of the city its breath taking..

3. New York – USA Population 18 Million, I love NY city, one of my favorite places for vacation and sight seeing, if you ever visit NY make sure you check out Statue of Liberty. Its one great art work and its a massive one.

4. Mumbai – India Population Approx 18 Million, I love India, I really do, amazing culture, amazing country and amazing people, India is full of different stuff, If you ever decide to visit somewhere in Asia, your first spot should be India and then Tokyo, in India I would go to Mumbai and then Goa and then few other places and there are tons of them to name, and yea I love indian food one of the most delicious foods out there, specially indian curry and indian kebab, make sure you try them out on your next visit to India.

5. Sao Paulo – Brazil Population approx 18 Million, I have never been to Brazil its in my to VISIT LIST, may be next year or this winter, I always loved Brazil and its one of my favorite south american spot to visit, and Sao Paulo happens to be one of those must visit places in Brazil.

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