5 Home Tricks for Beating the Common Cold

No one likes to be sick, but sometimes it almost seems unavoidable. You go to work and everyone is hacking and sneezing. The grocery stores are filled with people that look half-dead and your children are coming home with a plethora of germs. Is there any way to avoid the common cold or are you destined to get sick? Stop worrying. Here are five tricks for beating the common cold.

Wash Your Hands Obsessively

During cold and flu season, you need to wash your hands as often as possible. This is especially true when you’re out in public. If you don’t have access to water and soap, carry hand sanitizer with you. Either way, you should clean your hands after touching door knobs, stair rails, grocery carts, etc before touching your face.

Sanitize Your Home

If someone in your home has a cold, that doesn’t mean everyone has to get it. Clean frequently used surfaces with anti-bacterial cleaning spray and keep germ bombs to a minimum by having a trash can nearby the sick family member for tissues and other germy items. You may even want to confine the sick family member to a comfortable part of the house where they can rest and watch TV without getting the entire family sick.

Be Healthy

Cold and flu season is the most important time of the year to be a healthy person. This means you need to eat healthy foods, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean protein. You also need to exercise 15-30 minutes per day. Last, but certainly not least, you need to get enough sleep and try to avoid others who are ill. Those who work for finance recruitment companies and other groups who don’t necessarily have to have face-to-face contact may even find it appropriate to work from home to avoid others who are ill (or to not share their own illnesses).

Avoid Stressful Situations

Did you know that for every 5 minutes of stress you endure, your immune system is weakened for 6 hours? Living a stressful lifestyle is one of the easiest ways to wind up sick. It’s imperative that you find ways to handle or cut stress from your life. Find a hobby that relaxes you and make time for it each evening.

Eat Yogurt

Believe it or not, a cup of low-fat yogurt with your morning breakfast can help prevent the common cold. Studies have shown that people who followed this regime were 25% less likely to catch colds. The reason for this may be the bacteria is the yogurt stimulating the immune system to fight infectious diseases.

You don’t have to get sick. Okay, so you may catch a cold here and there, but you don’t have to catch every cold this winter. By being healthy, using proper hygiene techniques and avoiding stress, you can greatly reduce the chances of catching the common cold.