5 Great Features Of 3D TV’s

TVs have come a long long way, from their size to their aspect ratio everything else too has changed.  The 3D TVs are a new innovation in TV technology, are they really worth it? Here are some of it’s most appealing featurettes. These features are ones seen in the Samsung 40C7000 model.


Blu-Ray Compliant

The TV is fully compliant with a blu-player, so until there are some 3D movies released you can watch your blu ray movies on such a great TV. If you have a digital box, that too works, all the channels including HD channels.


3D Modes

There are more than one 3D mode, you can choose to have the side-by-by mode, top and bottom mode, vertical stripe and checker board mode.



The dimensions make it look like a flat screen plasma and the weight of a 40inch screen TV is about 15kg.


The Effect

3D, the illusion of depth that creates the TV is amazing, thanks to the glasses and the tv’s screen. Makes you feel like your in an IMAX theater if you have the right settings with the tv and the audio. If you’re missing an eye you might need to avoid these 3D technologies. If you’ve never seen a 3D movie with the glasses it’s hard to describe the effects. The effects aren’t really that apparent, although you do notice the in your face images from time to time. Sometimes it looks like a pop out book.


Various Functions

Tons of other features that make the TV an interesting product. The USB slots, PVR, Freeview HD compatibility and wireless connection. All these features will make the TV the center of your entertainment. Also the remote control is very fancy looking.

I still think that the HD TVs are still alright and that the 3D technology won’t catch on that fast. The product needs to mature a bit more, if movie companies really like the idea, we might see a big push for the product but as of now it’s only a lucrative attraction for those willing to take a risk.