5 Funny Blunders You Should Know

Blunders occur when the right amount of stupidity and luck happen. Sometimes the results can be disasterful but at other times they can just be downright funny. Unfortunately for the person committing these blunders, we aren’t laughing with them but at them. Here are a few noticeably stupid blunders that are largely unharmful.


This story comes from the great city of Philadelphia, where one firefighter fought his firing because he thought it to be wrong. The fire department fired this man, William Michini, because of his hair was too long and dangerous for proper work ethic. When the case was brought to court, William said his hair was self-extinguishing and set his hair on fire. After his head went ablaze he blamed the hair spray for the impact.

Beer Mistake

During the late 1980s, the Pfeiffer Brewing Company decided to run a print and radio campaign for their new brew. The print campaign went pretty well but the radio one ended up being somewhat strange. The radio stations decided to create this ad for the product. “Pfeiffer’s…the beer with the silent P”. Unfortunately that is true and false, for you to figure out which.

Rest in…wait what?

Aldo Oliveri Stadium was meant to be finished building in 1997. In Verona, dedicated to one of the greatest Italian goalkeepers soccer had ever seen. This was going to be an amazing stadium. The organization of the opening event and building of the stadium all went according to plan. This was going to be in memory of Aldo Oliveri, the 1938 world cup hero. One thing they had forgotten during all this was that Aldo was not dead, in fact the opposite he was doing great and healthy.

The Great Country of Whales…

This one happened in 1997, when the Canadian postal service issued a souvenir stamp which was in honor of the Prince of Wales. Much to the chagrin of the Prince, the souvenir had an error on it, he was named the Prince of Whales and not prince of Wales. The spokesman for the Canadian post said they were sorry for the error and that it was human. He also said they would not be pulling the souvenirs out. I do admit Prince of Whales does make a good souvenir.

This is educational

In 1997, the French broadcasting company Canal France broadcasted an x rated film in their international channels in the Arab countries. The film was playing during the afternoon instead of a kid’s show. Well at least they learned something instead of watching cartoons all day.