5 Fun Career Paths You Should Seriously Consider

Every few months or so you see a newspaper article or watch a news report about careers that are “hot” or “in-demand.” But, what if you don’t want to be a corporate stress-puppy? What if you’re looking for a career that’s a little more suited to your personal tastes? There is nothing wrong with thinking outside the box and pursuing a career you will enjoy. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Personal Shopper

Some people start out simply by placing a few flyers around offering shopping services for the elderly. Other people train in high-end retail stores and then branch out on their own as fashion consultants. It doesn’t matter whether you specialize is services to the elderly or you cater to white-collar workers who have little fashion sense, you still get paid to help people while indulging in your favorite hobby.

Video Game Designer

Colleges all over the country offer programs for aspiring video game designers because of the growing demand for qualified employees. If you play video games and you think to yourself, “I could create a better game than that” then becoming a video game designer may well be right up your alley. Besides being fun, video game designer is a very lucrative field.


Are you a foodie who craves rich desserts and likes to add a little creative style to everything you bake? If so, you’ll find that a career in the baking industry offers a lot of different options, pays well, and you get the benefit of taste-tasting your scrumptious creations as well. Bakers can find employment everywhere from small shops to cruise lines to gourmet restaurants.

Home Stager

If you have a flair for decorating and love setting up furniture, this could be the perfect job for you. Many people don’t know the first thing about getting their home ready for sale and they rely on home stagers to help them de-clutter the house, decorate it and give them tips on how to best present it to prospective buyers. Home staging is a growing field with steady demand.

Movie Reviewer

Do you love movies and you have a way with words? If so, you can easily start a career as a movie reviewer. Many people start out writing reviews for free on popular websites, but once you build up your credentials, you can start applying for better paying jobs and eventually even work your way up to writing for a major newspaper or a hugely popular national magazine.

Just because something you love seems like a simple hobby, that doesn’t mean that you can’t make a career out of it. If you plan your work properly, you’ll never need to use Mobiloans for a cash advance when money comes up short again – because it won’t happen. The most successful people in the world are usually those who follow their passion and find a way to make it profitable. Sure, it may require some creativity or research to figure out how to turn your hobby into a career, but in the end, you’ll be much happier doing something you love.