5 Busiest International Airports

Thinking about what to write today, I came up with a great post for everyone. This time something out of blue, I thought about it for a while and I think everyone will like it. It is good to know these little things as it doesn’t hurt. And I love knowing things, I am a curious person after all and I know everyone loves to know answer to these crazy questions.

So today its all about airports, the 5 busiest international airports (passengers wise). By the way one of them is my favorite spot, for many different reasons which I cannot disclose here, but anyways here is the list in order —-

1. Atlanta (Hartsfield)  in the USA – Over 80 million passengers per year

2. Chicago (O’Hare) again in the USA – Over 70 million passengers per year. “btw I can tell you its really a busy spot”

3. London (Heathrow) in the UK – Over 65 million passengers per year.

4. Tokyo (Haneda) in Japan – Aroun d 60 million passengers per year. “I love tokyo most beautiful city I ever been to”

5. Los Angeles (Lost Angeles) once again USA – Almost 57 million passengers per year. “It’s my dream to visit LA one day”

By the way if you ask me which airport name appeals to me the most? I must say Heathrow. I love UK its been 8 years since I last visited UK but its one amazing place.

My dream is to visit LA one day. I mean LA has a feel to its name itself lol..

Thats it for today..