5 Animals Discovered in The 20th Century

There are a few animals mankind has only know for few years and in this post I will tell you which ones.

1.Okapi, were thought to be discovered by the Occident in 1900. That year Sir Harry Johnston sent skins and skulls of the Okapi back in London to validate his claims. In 1901, they thought the Okapi had some kind of connection with the giraffe and the zebra, because of his stripes. Nowadays they are very rare in the wild but some of the bigger zoo’s in the world will surely have one.

2. Pygmy Hippo, a famous German animal dealer created a zoo in Hamburg. In 1909 Hagenbeck (zoo owner) sent Hans Schomburgk to Liberia to check for “a huge black pig”. Hans did spot the animal but he thought they were related to hippos and not pigs. He couldn’t catch one so no one believed him. He said they were 30feet large and had shiny black skin. 3 years later he proved them wrong when he did capture one and bring him back to Germany.

3.The Kouprey, a wild ox like animal. First scientist thought it was just a variation of the Gaur or banteng but analysis on one proved otherwise. But because of the war of Vietnam. In 1988, a bunch New York researchers saw a herd of 50 Kouprey but were unable to capture any. The kroupey is currently considered critically endangered.

4.Sao La, British biologist John MacKinnon said ” it is a cow that behaves like a goat.”. This animal lived in North Western Vietnam, where it was thought to be a forest goat. It is larger then a goat but smaller then a cow, it has razor sharp horns 30inch each. They are thought to be around 120 still alive in the wild till now.

5.Komodo Dragon, the Dragon was unknown to science and the world until a man flying a plane landed on the island of Komodo. When he returned to land he told tales of how these creatures were living dragons and would devour anything. Not many believed him until a team went and captured one.

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