5 Amazing Facts About Space

Space is almost often associated with mystery and astounding facts. Scientists work incessantly to find scientific logic behind the mysteries of space. Some of the amazing facts given below are bound to surprise you, but all these facts are true!

A day will be almost 960 hours long in the remote future

About a billion years ago, the Moon used to be much closer to Earth. At that point of time, it used to be in a relatively tighter orbit, and it just took 20 days to go around earth to make a month. A day on Earth, at that time, was only 18 hours long. Presently Moon is moving approximately 4 centimeters away from earth every year. In addition, the rotation of Earth is constantly slowing down, resulting in longer days. Scientists are of the belief that, if living beings are able to survive the swelling sun and other cosmic changes, then they would soon experience days which are nearly 960 hours long!

Earth has more than 3 moons

Yes, you heard it right, Earth has more than 3 moons. While the one which we can see orbits around the earth, remaining three are asteroids which share an unusual relationship with our planet. These asteroids enter Earth’s orbit and begin to revolve. However, we cannot see them at night because they are very far to be seen.

Uncoated metal get stuck together in space

Two uncoated metal pieces will begin to form as one when they are stuck with each other in space. This process is called ‘cold welding’. If you have already started wondering on how space stations remain intact in the space, then the answer is that they are already are coated with metals from Earth and hence this process do not apply to them.

The light which we are enjoying today is approximately one third of sun’s age

When the nucleus of sun was born, light would actually travel through atoms. About 30,000 years ago, when sun was about half its present size, light used to reach Earth in about 8 minutes. This was because light used to reach earth only after passing dense particles around the sun.

Saturn can float in about a glass of water

Saturn’s mean density is about 70% that of water, which implies that if we put it into a glass of water, it would float!

As mentioned in the beginning, space facts are almost always surprising and there is still a lot which needs to written about space. By the way, you might be interested in knowing that a frozen pea would explode if it is brought in contact with Pepsi in space. This is because of the weightlessness of space!

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