5 Amazing Extinct Animals

Our planet has been graced with many great, unique creatures though a few have disappeared because of their inability to adapt or because of human activities. Here are a few of them that have been completely extinct but sometimes rediscovered later.

1. The Cahow, the small headed sea birds that once lived all along the coasts of Bermuda, were thought to be extinct for 330 years. But in 1951, January 8, the bird was rediscovered by an British scientist, David Wingate. Under his surveillance the Cahow population grew slowly but effectively till this day.

2.Dibbler, the marsupial mouse who was thought to be extincted since 1884 till 1967. When an Australian naturalist caught one in a trap. By luck, it was a female who then gave birth to 8 little ones. Since then they have been kept in captivity.

3.The Dwarf Lemur, the small tree dwelling primate with big watery eyes. In 1875, they were reported to be extincted. But then in 1966 they were found in Mananara, Madagascar.

4. The Ivory billed woodpecker, described by naturalists as the greatest of all the woodpeckers. It had a wingspan of 30 inches, the largest for an American woodpecker.  They were very few left for many years but in 1944 this woodpecker was official considered extinct. Until in 2004, Gene Sparkling, a kayaker, saw one in Arkansas, it was later confirmed by many other naturalists.

5. Mountain Pygmy Possum, the small marsupial was considered to be extinct for 30,000 years until a doctor caught one in his kitchen, in Australia, 1966. Three more were then discovered in 1970. Talk about a comeback from the death.