4 Natural Wonders Of North America

The newest continent, what are it’s natural beauties, up north ? There are many and here are a few of those amazing sites…

Niagara Falls, located between the twin cites of Niagara Falls, New York and Niagara Falls, Ontario. The water supplied from the Niagara River, forms a impressive feat of nature. Three huge waterfalls situated along each other. Two in the US side, one in the Canadian. Just to show how big this thing is… 168,000 cubic meters of water flow on the crest every minute, with +1million people visiting every year, you should be one of them this summer(ideal time to enjoy¬† everything).

Perhaps the best national park in the entire continent of America. The Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming is the first national park ever established. With the park being 8,983sqt km large every square is worth seeing. You can find every kind of terrains possible in the Americas right in one park. No wonder it was the first national park ever in 1872. The areas vary from mountains, canyons, rivers and many more. Not only is the land itself great, but the creatures that inhabit make it even a better place. Oh ya lots hot springs in the park because the largest supervolcano on North America is there.

Great Blue Hole, sounds like a ordinary big blue hole..? Not at all, this is one of the most impressive bodies of ocean in America. Located in Central America, of the coasts of Belize. Surrounded by small isles, this huge circle of clear blue water is like a natural diving spot created for divers. It has been noted as one of the top 10 places to go scuba diving. Even though it is home to some sharks, as the hammerhead shark, bullshark and nearly all other sharks in the Caribbean zone. A short description by National Geographic

“Underwater sink hole measuring 984 feet (120 m) across and is 394 feet (120 m) deep”

Dinosaur Provincial Park, this place oozes of a Jurassic Park feel. When millions of years ago, Dinosaurs lived in these rocky lands. Over 300 dinosaur skeletons have been found here. It was a perfect spot for the death and preservation of Dinosaurs but might be the perfect spot for you to feel what the Dinosaurs lived everyday.

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  1. Not only this 4 Yosemite National Park was also comes in natural wonders of america. Perhaps the most famous national park in the world, Yosemite has something for every visitor to enjoy. Mountains, forests, lakes and valleys are all here, making for great adventure travel. Hiking, rock climbing, rafting, and even skiing are all possible activities, though it’s possible to just take a leisurely stroll through the massive sequoia forests.

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