4 Natural Wonders of Europe

The Continent where most of the old facts were written about. Europe, not only does it have sites of great historical importance but it  also has some beautiful areas of perplexing nature.

Eisriesenwelt Cave, the word Eisriesenwelt means World of The Ice Giants. I don’t blame for the name, it wouldn’t surprise if a giant ever lived this cavern. It is the largest Ice cave in the world. Funny how the cave was created inside the mountain, the Salzach river would flood into the mountain’s path with years of collision the river went through. Making a hole in the mountain and going through. Now that cave extends till where the water reached. People near Austria should really go see this place.

Jaegala Falls, often called the Niagara Falls of The Baltics. But not really fair in my opinion. This is probably not as immense as the Niagara or with a powerful flow. But still a brilliant site to witness. 7,8 meter high, Estonia’s highest peak. Most visit if your in the Baltics.

Another Wonder in the Baltics? Oh my wonder…The Azure’s Window, in Malta is another structure caused by erosion. The battle of nature always ends up in a bang eh? The rock formation makes it look like a table or a bridge. Near the coasts of Malta, this makes for interesting viewing when big waves are there.

Rock Of Gibraltar, peaking at 426 meters, also sometimes called the Pillar of Hercules. This monolith is huge and beautiful(contains a nice view from the top). But for zoologist all around the world, the barbary macaques will be the star of this place. The only wild primate in the continent of Europe.