4 Natural Wonders Of Africa

The oldest continent, the first human(form) was born there, The Great Continent Of Africa. Unlike many other continents, in Africa the nature is still blooming everywhere. HereĀ  are few of the most stunning scenes there.

Sahara Desert, the world’s largest hot desert. The most famous desert in the world, the Sahara as it’s known. It covers over 11 countries, 9.000.00km sqt. It contains the world’s largest river, the Nile and many other features that could be themselves considered wonders. Some of those features are the sand dunes that reach upto 600 feet. It is so large there are some parts still unknown to man.

The Kilimanjaro, the biggest and tallest mountain in Africa, 5 895m. The largest free standing mountain in the world. Unlike normal mountains, this one has 7 peaks the highest being Uhuru Peak. One image can define the Kilimanjaro, it’s when the summer sun in Africa is shining upon this huge mountain and on top there is a bed of snow..Man people wouldn’t believe it is in Africa.

Aldabra Atoll, Africa’s largest Atoll and the second largest in the world. There are four islands and in the center a lagoon. That will be exposed in low tide seasons. The place itself is beautiful, but it is the giant turtoises , hammerhead sharks, baracudas, mantarays and etc…that make this a place to visit at least once, if possible.

Peak of the Furnace, the name sounds like it’s somewhere hot? indeed.. It isĀ  the world’s most active volcano. At 2631meters, the peak is very high and can very dangerous in case of eruption for the inhabitants near it. Eruptions are so frequent that scientists and the government have to always observe it.