4 Natural Wonders In South America

I have been through two continents already, now it’s time to visit the southern hemisphere of South America. The continent has a huge tropical forest known as the Amazon Rainforest. I won’t looking into that but there are still many lesser known spots in South America. Such as the following four…

The Iguazu Falls, in the border of Argentina and Brazil. This paradise spot is renowned for it’s waterfalls. It is a series of waterfalls on top of two levels of lush green hills. If your in the middle of this area your view will be surrounded by beautiful waterfalls and a rainbow for about 260 degrees. A total of 275 waterfalls compose this heaven. Each has a different look, but the most famous one is the devil’s throat ( the one shaped like  U). This spot is a must see, you realize how magically the nature has grown there.

The Angel Falls, the highest peaked waterfall in the world. Height, 979m. The  first clear drop is 807 meters but from there the fall is continued for another 100 meters. The falls are so high that the water doesn’t even reach the ground in the liquid state. It vaporizes well before the end, into mist.

Colca Canyon, before visiting the grand canyons in US take some of these facts into consideration. Twice as deeps as the grand canyons, the deepest place in the canyons is inside a ancient extinct volcano. How about that? Going inside an actual volcano that was once active . Beat that grand canyons!

El Tatio, in the Andes mountains of Chili. This is the third largest geyser(google it if you don’t know)  field in the world. Up 4,320 meters above normal sea level, even with that it’s not the highest field of geysers but still pretty high. With at least 80 active geysers your bound to witness some.