4 Interesting Stories of Creation

Whatever your religious beliefs may be, the concept of creation has always been a controversial subject.  Ever since human beings have inhabited the earth, different people from all over the world have come up with various myths, theories and ideas about how the earth was created and how humans came to live here.  We will describe for you some of the more interesting creation stories in human history.

The first is one of many Hindu myths of creation.  According to this story, there once lived a gigantic creature named Purusha who had a thousand heads, eyes and feet.  Purusha surrounded the earth and the gods eventually sacrificed him.  At the time of sacrifice, his body produced a butter that became the animals on earth.  His body parts became the elements of the earth, several of the gods and the four Hindu castes.

In China there exists a second creation myth which is based on an egg floating in the cosmos and containing the yin and yang forces.  Pan-gu was the first to emerge from the egg once it matured.  The yin, or heaviest parts of the egg formed the earth while the lighter parts or yang became the sky.  Pan-gu, wishing to prevent the yin and yang from rejoining, stood on the earth and held the sky up.  Once the sky was 30,000 miles away from the earth, Pan-gu died and his parts became the elements of the universe.  Some people theorize that fleas on Pan-gu became human beings while others believe that the goddess Nuwa created men out of mud.

We travel to ancient Egypt for our third creation story.  The Egyptians had several creation myths.  I n one myth, Atum, an omniscient eye, came into existence by the sheer force of its own will.  It create the god of air, Shu and the goddess of moisture, Tefnut.  The two siblings created the earth and the sky and worked to create order in the universe.  Shu and Tefnut became lost however and Atum removed its eye to try to locate them.  When it found them, it cried tears of joy and these tears fell to earth, creating humans.

A fourth creation myth comes from ancient Babylon and begins with the gods of fresh and salt water, Apsu and Tiamat.  These gods created numerous other gods, including the god Ea.  The new gods were very noisy and disturbed the sleep of Apsu and Tiamat.  Apsu planned to kill the new gods but Ea managed to murder Apsu before he could carry out his plan.  Ea joined forces with one of the goddesses to create a giant god to protect them from Tiamat who was seeking to avenge Apsu’s death.  This giant god eventually killed Tiamat and split her body, creating the heavens with one half and the earth with the other half.   The giant then created humans to do the jobs that the gods would not.

These creation myths are very fascinating and very different from the creation stories of the world’s major religions today.  However you may seem some similarities among them all.  In any case they are an important part of understanding ancient cultures and interesting as well!