4 interesting facts about Dreams

Dreams are fascinating. Dreams are intriguing. Dreams are mystifying. Dreams are nightmares. In short, dreams are the different images and emotions that run through our mind while we are asleep. They are baffling to say the least. The most wonderful thing about dreaming is that it is not exclusive. It is not a high-tech experiment that only professionals like lab scientists can participate in. Neither is it a well-guarded secret lost with the end of the Mayan civilization. If you sleep, you will dream. Here are some interesting facts about dreams for you to enjoy.

• Whether or not you agree to it, everybody in the world dreams. Some of us tend to remember our dreams quite vividly. Some tend to recall them vaguely after they get up, but the details become hazy as the day progresses and soon they are not even able to say with certainty if they had the dream in the first place. However, some people do not remember dreaming at all. Nevertheless, just because you do not remember dreaming does not mean that you do not dream. Everybody in the world dreams. Even people who have lost their sight dream. Someone who has lost his eyesight after birth will be able to dream of real world images just like everyone else. However, someone who was born blind will not have visuals in his dreams. His dreams will be full of sounds, smells, and touch. In other words, his dreams will incorporate everything that goes on with his other senses.

• Do you remember all those weird places and strange faces in your dreams? Well, your mind is not making up those details. Anything you see in your dreams is something you have seen for real in your life before. So that odd looking mansion could be what you saw in the last horror movie you watched or that man with a very long beard is actually someone you saw crossing the street yesterday. Your mind does not make up anything new. It builds up on information already present in your head and distorts it to give you a feel of a new setting, unfamiliar faces and strange themes and an altogether new dream.

• If something happens in your vicinity while you are dreaming, that stimuli will be incorporated in your dream. For example if your phone is ringing then that sound will manifest itself in your dream and you will see a phone ringing in your dream or some such thing.

• When you are dreaming, your body is essentially paralyzed and incapable of making any motion. Therefore, if you have had the feeling of wanting to extend a hand to reach out to someone and have been unable to do so in your dream it is because your body is not capable of making that movement. Scientists believe that this form of body paralysis occurs so that the body does not accidentally act on what it believes to be true while dreaming.

Perhaps the next time you dream, your brain will fuse these fun facts in, and you will enjoy an odd, fun dream.