4 Hilarious Lawsuits

Lawsuits have become a common thing in modern western society, it has gone to the point of absurdity as some cases have shown. The famous example of the robber in the night falling off your stairs suing you because of his critical condition. That is a legit case and there are many like it as stupid.

God Among Us

Chris Roller is not only a man but a mighty wizard as witnessed by the CIA according to him(How does that work?). Christopher Roller claims to have sex with the stars and be immortal(or at least the ability to beat that). In 2007 he tried to apply a patent for “Godly Powers”, which would make it illegal to do godly things on earth(whatever that means) without compensating Christopher financially. Why would he try to do that? Because he thinks he’s some kind of god on earth. He went as far as suing David Blaine for $50 million. He made his case by declaring that Blaine was stealing his powers to perform magic tricks. Unfortunately despite being a self proclaimed god he lost this case.

Court Fight

Some people are so eager to make a quick buck that they sue over the most bewildering thing and even that they do wrong. A victim of a bar fight tried suing Anheuser-Busch(beer maker) because a bottle of their brand was used on him. This victim instead of suing someone like the bar owner who’s responsible for illegal acts of violence in his establishment decided to sue a multi millionaire company. This man could have probably made some money but chose the wrong option, like he did when getting in to a bar fight.

I Killed You, Now You Owe Me Money

David Belniak, a resident of Tampa, Florida, a man who was convicted of a DUI manslaugter was sentenced for 12 years in prison. The accident was in 2007 where he killed 3 people by rear ending their car. In 2012, he decided to sue the dead victims, claiming it was them who had caused the accident and that they have ruined his life. He also wants more than 15 000 for all the emotional distress he’s received. Despite the 6 eye witness during the accident all claiming it was M. Belniak who came out of nowhere hit the victim’s car, his lawyer claims otherwise. Interesting to note that his lawyer is his sister. Stupidity runs deep in this family.

Being Ugly is a Crime

A Chinese man Jian Feng had an ugly baby but a parent is suppose to love their child no matter what right? Wrong, Jian Feng was so offended by this, that he asked his model looking wife why was their baby so atrocious looking. She told him the truth, that she had several surgeries before looking as good as she did. Jian Feng was so offended by this lie that he filed a lawsuit against her under false pretense of marriage and won $120 000 in damages.