The Craziest Alien Story Ever

Since the incident at Roswell, the amount of UFO sightings, abduction, mind control and interference have grown at an exponential rate. It was a catalyst for alien conspiracy theories, alien tv shows, alien movies and all sorts of craziness. Although there is a good chance there is life out there, there has been little evidence of their arrival on earth but the amount of sightings have only grown. Here are a few of the craziest stories out there.

In 1957, Brazilian farmer, Antonio Vilas Boas was abducted during a mid October late night. Why would a farmer work during the night you ask? Well Mister Vilas Boas said he couldn’t deal with the heat during the day which led him to work during the latter parts of the day. The abduction started as so, Antonio saw a red light in the sky and so was able to shape out a circular aircraft.  As the craft came closer to the ground, Antonio noticed its size and decided to run away. He didn’t manage to get far, as his tractor died down, when he was running a humanoid creature appeared and seized him. Soon two more of these humanoids appeared and they forced Boas in their craft. The aliens did some blood tests on Antonio during this he noticed some symbols on the walls, which he after his abduction drew for the public. Here is where it gets strange; Antonio was then led into another room where he had sexual intercourse with an attractive female humanoid whom had cat like eyes. There is lots of details about this event on internet but let’s ignore them. After that he was given a tour of the craft, in a moment of brilliance he decided to steal an object for proof but was reprimanded. He left empty handed, when he got out 4 hours had passed. A few days after his abduction he started having lots medical ailments such as excessive sleepiness, headaches, radiation poisoning and many more. The government officials also questioned him but he kept the same story. This was a special case because it was the first ever abduction to occur and the first to gain international media coverage. After this many similar stories followed and works of fiction inspired from it. Vilas Boas died 1992, going to his grave saying that’s what happened that night.