Fun Facts About Pandas

Is there an animal more universally loved than the panda? I think not, unfortunately it has come to fame because of its near extinction and has become a poster for animals in danger. Though not many know much about it, other than it’s from china and eats bamboo. Here is an article about some unknown facts about the pandas.

  • Pandas were one of the few animals in Ancient china to not be used for medicinal use. They were considered noble animals and spiritual by some.
  • The first pandas brought to the west occurred in late 19th century, only one was brought to US and because of the war it took a long time before the next one came.
  • Like most mammals, pandas can’t open their eyes after birth and also are 1/10 of their mother’s size.
  • Pandas have huge teeth, despite not having much in the claws department their tooth can be 7 times the size of a human tooth.
  • Pandas record information in via spatial memory, they remember locations, areas by their position to one another.
  • Unlike most other bears, pandas don’t make a vicious roar sound but sort of a honking noise and sometimes even sneeze. Also unlike other bears they have longer tails.
  • Pandas are the only animal to have such contrasting fur, black and white. Fur is normally used for camouflage so far the Panda, the white is for when their environment gets snowy but the black remains unexplained.
  • Pandas are one of the few animals who will actually sit to eat, whether it’s because it has manners or is lazy, is not known.
  • One of the reasons the Panda population is dwindling, is because of the female’s ovulation period happens for a very very small period of time, only about 2-3 days and also the fact that they only possess one sex chromosome.
  • Nearly all of the Panda’s diet is bamboo, about 99% of it, but scientist found out they were actually carnivores but their preys diminished so they had a large evolutionary change. The panda will spend more than half of his day eating bamboo on a bamboo stalk or sitting on some rock.
  • The panda’s biting force is no joke, they can bite through bamboo stalk like it’s nobody’s business, even a human with a tool couldn’t cut a heavy bamboo stalk.
  • To a zoo, the panda can be the main attraction, when the first captive panda was shown in Washington, millions went to see it during the first year. Although these pandas do not come cheap, they are the most expensive animals for a zoo.


Here were some lesser known facts about the panda and their traits. Hopefully these wonderful creatures live on for a long time to come.