3 Stunning Wonders In Oceania

There are wonders all around the world. Be it man made or natural. These are a few of the most impressive natural sites in the Oceania continent.

Ayers Rock, referred as the Uluru by the Australian aborigines, this huge piece of rock is the destination of many nature savvy people. In the middle of a plain land this big rock is just stunning. You can go as far as climbing it, but need some patience and good fitness ( though that might be banned now). The local tribes don’t want strangers coming and playing around their sacred rock…So they have banned pictures of it from certain angles. Kinda weird, but the climbing part I understand, since the start of the tourism climbing there has been 35 deaths.

Pinnacles Desert, a series limestone pillars in the middle of the desert. The pillars and the sand surrounding them are shiny as real gold. What makes it even more interesting is that each picture you take has a unique vibe to it. Cause each series of pillars have different dimension, each picture looks different. The photographers dream place, when the conditions are right this may seem like heaven on earth.

Bungles Bungles, a great section in the national park in western Australia. This series of caves, natural tropical pools, oddly formed bee hives, make for great sightseeing. All the series of deep caves, odd rock formations, amazing beehives make for a wonderful scenario.