3 Really Weird Stories

Sometimes things turn out to be amazingly strange and only by sheer coincidence but nonetheless they are interesting stories to tell. Such as a man who was told by a fortune teller not to board the Titanic, in which he would meet his end. There are many other tales of strangeness and odd coincidences, here a few of them.

Broken Barometer

During the 12th of October 1938, the eastern coast of the USA was being ravaged by storms. Just before the first storm hit the lands, one man had ordered a barometer, an instrument for meteorological measurement. The barometer indicated that a storm was about to come. The man thought that he was sold a defunct barometer, so he went to ship it back. As he came back from the post office his house was gone.

Pinocchio Effect

This one is not much of a story but more of a weird fact. Recent studies have been done on people lying. With a thermograph people were scanned and asked random questions, to which some lied. And each time a lie was said, the person’s nose would become red in the thermograph machine. Researchers believe that when the brain is nervous the area around the insula(nose area) will have more activity than usual which is what explains this Pinocchio effect.

Growing Mountain

In northern Germany the highest mountain is known as the Brocken and it is height is 3 747 feet. Unfortunately this was wrong as the mountain is 3741 feet tall. The German authorities needed to make this right somehow. Instead of just removing their errors in maps and books around the world to fit the truth, they decided to add 6 feet of rocks on the summit so they wouldn’t have to go through all the work.