3 Places To See Before Death

Some places are just damn gorgeous, one could say Picaso had draw it himself. There aren’t many places like this in the world but there are more then three for sure. But as of right now I will only list 3.

Tottori Sand Dunes, never heard of it ? Don’t worry these sand dunes next to a beautiful sea of japan, surrounded by beautiful mountains and clear blue sky all the time, is a must visit for anyone. It is too small to be considered a desert but lets let geologist’s mess with that, while we enjoy this piece of heaven on earth.

Amazon Rainforest, is the largest forest of it’s kind in the world. Covering nearly a third of the south americas, this big boy covers upto 1.7 billion acres of land. It has some of the most fascinating ecology system in the world. Each year researches go in the same part of the amazon and find hundreds of new species and sub species. This place is a must visit for any nature loving person.

Mud Volcano’s, these are so impressive and beautiful. Not as big and tall as their counterparts the mountain volcano’s but very alluring. There are many in Europe, some in Canada, some in Russia. But those only release gases. But the onesĀ  in Azerbaijan are the highest, 200meters, and release fire. Witnessing one once in your lifetime, must be a spectacle I daresay.