3 Natural Wonders Of Asia

The cultures are the most different from part to part in Asia, but is it’s nature also? Here a few of the wonders proving that too.

The Dead Sea, yes so dead that no species can inhabit in it. Not really because it’s dead but more because of the percentage of salt in the water. Also called the sea of salt. It is the deepest hypersaline¬† body of water in the world. It is also 8 times more saltier then an ocean. The shores of lake around it are the most deepest hypersaline¬† lake in the world and the lowest place in the surface of the earth.

The Mount Fuji, one of the three holy mountains in Japan and the highest mountain in the main Island of Japan. The peak is at 3,77meters. It can be seen from the trains passing near it on clear days. The Mountain is surrounded by 4 lakes and from each of the lakes you get an amazing view at the mountain, specially at sunset.

A sea of hills, is there such thing? Yes, your answer would be the Chocolate Hills in Philippines. The hills are not made out of chocolate, its just that most of the hills are covered with limestone and when it gets dry they turn brown, making it look like chocolate. If you like cone shaped hills and lush green grass, you will enjoy this sea of hills..