3 Monopolies That We Stopped

There is always a huge monopoly in the world currently. Whether it is a huge super store stealing the business of a small local shop it is always happening.

Standard Oil

The 20th century standard oil was known to be controlled by a corporate power that was ruthless. It was controlled by none other then John D. Rockefeller’s company, it had secret deals with railroads and such to keep it’s competition out of the business. It controlled 90% of the oil industry in the 1900s in the US, talk about monopoly. A suit against the oil company under the Sherman Anti-Trust act . The supreme court ruled that the company should divide in other smaller companies. The giat company divided into what today is known as Esso(Exxon), Socal(Chevron). Oddly all that ordeal proved beneficial for the company. And Rockefeller became even rich then he was before.


In the 1900s, if you wanted to make a long range call there was only one way and I mean ONE way. That was to use the American Telephone & Telegraph. This company dominated the long distance call industry for nearly a century. The company got a lawsuit and it had divest itself of it’s local and smaller organization. It took the company awhile to bounce back it made it’s return to the bigger picture at the start of this decade, will they ever monopolize the industry again. That is the question…


Microsoft were the only big dog of the software industry around the 90s and the early part of this decade. In 98 the government filed a lawsuit against the company of Bill Gates. The lawsuit said that Microsoft abused their dominance as a operating system manufacturer, they took advantage of their customers and stagnated their opponents. The judge ruled against Microsoft, which would leave it broken and half the company it was but in 2001, much to the relief of Bill&Co. Microsoft won the appeal, they were forced to have some modifications and limitations but the company was left in complete stable conditions. This mad lots of people mad, the competitors and the state governments.

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