3 Kind Of Street Performers That Will Amaze U

If you ever been to a vacation into a nice touristic city, you must have spotted some street performers? Like jugglers, fire breathers and many more. Here are three that will just leave you drooling..

1- Sword Swallowing

Sword Swallowing is an ancient art that started long ago in Asia, more specifically in India. In India priests used it to show their invulnerability and their communication with god. Soon it spread all over the continent then it crossed over to Europe. It made it’s debut in America around 1817. It became very popular and was growing really fast. The art of swallowing a sword can be very hard to learn. You have to have complete control over your gag reflex and develop esophageal muscular strength to hold the sword still. The worries for these brave performers is not slicing your inside with the blade, because the blade is made dull so it doesn’t cut with the sides. But the edge can still damage your internal organs if not manipulated carefully. Even though of it’s popularity, currently there are only around 50 performers still remaining.

2- Juggling

Juggling is another amazing art to perform. It is the one where training pays of the most. You can always improve our timing, rhythm and mental state to juggle. It is said that the juggler is affected by all parts of his body, even those he does not use while juggling. The greatest assist a juggler could have is being ambidextrous. Perfect juggling comes alive when both your mind and body work cohesively and perfectly.

3- Mime

Street performers can invoke all kinds of emotions inside of us, they can make us drool, make us laugh orĀ  just look in awe. Mime is the silent art of acting, it has three types French, Oriental and Italian. It began in the 1800s. Oriental mime is present in China and Japan, it’s more of theater drama and not what you would see in the west mime performances. The Italian version went into the circus industry, after years of transformations it became to what we now know as clowns. But the french one is the most known one. It requires great balance, control, strength, flexibility and coordination. All of those in one sweet clean crisp motion to create a physical illusion.