3 Drugs That Save Lives

Did you know that the fungus at the back of the throat of a chicken, helped  with preventing Tuberculosis. Here are some drugs that save lives and may be considered unusual.

1. Aspirin, it was thought to be found in tree bark but no. Although it is true that salicin is present in tree bark, a substance that is at the core of Aspirin, it was not the true source of Aspirin. Before the 18th century, tree bark was used as a remedy for various things. The true core of Aspirin was invented in 1898, which was acetyl salicylic acid. Today it is used as pain killer, heart attack prevention(80% of the use). Without it many people would suffer from lesser diseases even today.

2.Streptomycin, Selman Waksman, 1930s, he was trying to isolate antibiotics from fungi. So he asked vets to send him unusual species they encountered.  One farmer brought chickens who had a weird disease. The vet found out that it had a throat fungal infection. The vet sent the chicken to Selman. And thanks to that he created the antibiotic to Tuberculosis.

3.Sister Morphine, OxyContin as it is called. North America has 10 millions of people disabled because of back and 75% of cancer patients have severe pain. To stop this people are allowed, on strict terms, to use OxyContin. If you cut the pill in half the time release effect is off and all the ingredients are released at once, possibly causing an overdose. Many people now use it as a drug to gain a high. They cut the pill and chew or snort the chemicals. Many have paid the price with their lives.

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  1. Good idea about the useful drugs for me to know more,which indicate that we often depend on the drug medicine or remedy when we are weak or ill;but in other side,so more dependence on drug may cause our body change. In the light of this statement,we can conclude that more practice or exercise on our body will be more healthy than drug.

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