Animals Who Were Celebrities

Sometimes our obsession with celebrities transcends species. We also love having famous animals. Animals who are unique or have special abilities, are often the ones that gain fame. Once that fame is gained they become worldwide celebrities since animal celebs are so rare. Here are a few stories of celebrity animals.

Tiao, the chimp

This chimpanzee led a quiet life at the Rio de Janiero zoo. His life soon became very public because he would enter a politic campaign. But before that he did gain some infamy among the population of Brazil for being the chimp that would throw his feces at visitors and howling at them furiously. A large group of people formed a political party named “The Banana Party”. The party’s leader was Tiao and he was running for mayor of Rio. At the votes he got a massive amount of support, 200 000 votes went to him. People did all this because of the distaste with the local leaders. The humility of a chimp being your rival candidate must have worked.

Tipper, the choker

Tipper was a handsome little homecat in Tampa, Florida. One day like all the days, he was home alone and he started biting on his flea collar. He soon swallowed much of the collar and started choking on it. And as he struggled around the house choking, he hit the phone during his struggle. He somehow hit the speed dial button which the owner had set to 911. The dispatcher heard the cat’s struggling meow’s and sent paramedics immediately. Tipper was saved by the medics and partially by himself.

Unknown Facts about Important People

It’s always surprising and delightful to learn little known facts about certain historical and worldwide recognized people. These are not always true and sometimes come from rumors that are too good to be ignored. Here a few unknown facts about famous people from around the world

One of the greatest movie directors of all time, Alfred Hitchcock had a weird habit. When he was in a public bathroom and another person would enter he would raise his legs in the stall so nobody could know he was there. The reason behind this attitude is unknown.

Michael Jackson had always been a controversial figure even since his Jackson 5 days. This fact has nothing to do with his personal life but his opinion on other musicians and entertainers. He said about Frank Sinatra that he is a legend but not a good singer, this definitely got Mister Jackson some flack from the majority of people…He also had criticism for his contemporaries such as Madonna, saying that she isn’t a good singer or dancer but can market herself well. Michael Jackson’s opinion might not be as appreciated as his music.

The physicist Albert Einstein was known to be the opposite of a stereotypical genius. He was known to sleep a lot. One of his former maid said that’s what he did the most during his day. Albert had also failed his entrance exam for college and when his father asked the headmaster what he should try for, the headmaster said that it won’t matter because Albert won’t amount to anything in life. Well…not exactly how it turned out.

Cool Fact About The Human Body

Humans aren’t the fastest or the strongest, but they do have the largest mental capabilities than any other species. The human body does a lot of interesting things that most people take for granted. Here are some cool facts about the human body.

Unforgettable Smell
The human nose isn’t the most impressive range wise, we are beaten by most animals that require smell for hunting. A dog’s sense of smell is a million times more sensitive than a human’s but humans are capable of remembering more smells. An average nose can differentiate around 50 000 smells.

Bones of Steel
Yes the bones in our body are stronger than steel but as they are much less dense, they are easier to break. So please don’t go around trying to test your bone against any hard object, the result will be most definitively painful.

Cry Baby

This isn’t something most people would be proud of but humans are the only animal capable of emotional tear. No other animal cries because they got hurt or they had a bad day. This is very much a double edged sword, as emotion can drive a person to do irrational things but also greatly motivate them.

This is the biggest advantage humans have(other than their brains), a human can live on pretty much any climate as long as there is some form of oxygen. The only other living thing that can do that is bacteria.

Those were some interesting facts about humans and the human body.

Massive Corporate Blunders!

Corporate mistakes are always fun. When a big marketing push goes wrong because of a pun or something similarly as banal it often leads to hilarity. These mistakes can cost millions of dollars but at least they provide some good laughter. Here are some hilarious corporate blunders.

Drugs Message

A school products company in New York(in 1998) decided to have an anti drug message in their pencils. Well the idea was neat and the product made it to stores just fine. When kids actually started using them in schools, an issue they hadn’t prepared for occurred. When these fine pencils were sharpened the message would be cut. The original anti drug message on the pencil said the following “Too Cool To Do Drugs”, after sharpening it, it would be shortened to “Cool To Do Drugs” and after some more sharpening “Do Drugs”. Yes this anti drug effort failed miserably but at least it was funny how much they didn’t think it through. The company had to take the product of the shelves soon after.

Pepsi’s failures

Pepsi has been synonymous with soda but there have been some experiments by the company that led to huge disasters, some that could have even wiped them out completely. There was the Pepsi crystal in 1993, which was such a failure that most stores didn’t want to stock it for free. In the early 2000s they tried another massive experiment with the Pepsi Blue. Unlike the Pepsi Crystal this one was marketed globally with such intensity, that even though it wasn’t out everyone had heard of it. That’s the only thing the Pepsi Blue was a success in, nobody bought it or drank it. Pepsi had many other experiments in their other brands but these were the most notable big failures of their main brand Pepsi. Since then they have been very reluctant with completely new flavors while their competitor Coke exceed at it.