Weirdest Rituals From Around The World

We’ve all been part of some ritual or ceremony once in our life. Isn’t it weird that we still do these symbolic things that have no actual meaning behind them. Such as swearing to tell the truth in court when in fact most people lie anyway or when someone is enlisted in the army they get their head shaved because of the unity intended by that act. None of these rituals/ceremonies have real effects but are kept because of decades of tradition. Some have gone out of existence due to their extremeness, the obvious one would be human sacrifice. Here are a few of those weird ones.

Burping is for classy people

While the above might not be true in most places but it is in Egypt. Burping in Egypt is considered an act of politeness. When eating at someone’s house you can burp to show pleasure at their cooking skills. It’s a shame that burping is not accepted elsewhere.

Rest in Pieces

In some cultures cannibalism has been a prominent feature of their history. Papa New Guinea is such a culture. Many other exotic and dangerous traditions are part of this country. One version of cannibalism was when someone died it was required that their family and close ones eat the remains of the deceased .This was done so the person would live on with them or that burying someone took too much time.

Bloody Mary

In the Christian belief, people drink wine but it’s basically considered the blood of christ. Some cultures go a little farther by actually drinking real blood. Thankfully not a human’s since that can lead to diseases and infection. In Kenya, a local tribe, as a religious ceremony drink the milk of a cow and… it’s milk.

3 Really Weird Stories

Sometimes things turn out to be amazingly strange and only by sheer coincidence but nonetheless they are interesting stories to tell. Such as a man who was told by a fortune teller not to board the Titanic, in which he would meet his end. There are many other tales of strangeness and odd coincidences, here a few of them.

Broken Barometer

During the 12th of October 1938, the eastern coast of the USA was being ravaged by storms. Just before the first storm hit the lands, one man had ordered a barometer, an instrument for meteorological measurement. The barometer indicated that a storm was about to come. The man thought that he was sold a defunct barometer, so he went to ship it back. As he came back from the post office his house was gone.

Pinocchio Effect

This one is not much of a story but more of a weird fact. Recent studies have been done on people lying. With a thermograph people were scanned and asked random questions, to which some lied. And each time a lie was said, the person’s nose would become red in the thermograph machine. Researchers believe that when the brain is nervous the area around the insula(nose area) will have more activity than usual which is what explains this Pinocchio effect.

Growing Mountain

In northern Germany the highest mountain is known as the Brocken and it is height is 3 747 feet. Unfortunately this was wrong as the mountain is 3741 feet tall. The German authorities needed to make this right somehow. Instead of just removing their errors in maps and books around the world to fit the truth, they decided to add 6 feet of rocks on the summit so they wouldn’t have to go through all the work.

The Useless Superpowers and Superheroes

Everyone has at one point dreamed of having some sort of superpower, some of us have looked up to these superheroes of inspiration to be good. There are so many comic books which means there are so many superheroes and villains. At some point the comic book writers start running out of ideas. Which in fact has been happening for decades now. Here are the worst results of that lack of creativity. Superheroes and superpowers you wish you didn’t even have in your dreams.

Matter Eater Lad

What’s this man’s power you ask? Well he has the super power of eating anything. Oh that’s great you say that he can eat any villain? Well actually Matter Eater Lad has one iron rule and that’s to never eat a human. So unless the big villain is a cow he will not eat him no matter what, even if the villain is about to blow up the planet. He is a part of a group of superheroes known as The Legion of Superheroes, hes called when they need somebody to eat an electric fence or an unbreakable door. He doesn’t get many calls by the Legion.

Color Kid

Not only is Color Kid top 5 in the realm of worst superheroes, he is also top 5 for the worst design for a superheros. He looks like a 12 year old kid who goes to way too many rave parties. Actually that’s the only place his power would be useful and in traffic. What is his power you ask? He can change the color of ANYTHING, yes that’s amazing isn’t? He probably owns the number one house painting organization in the galaxy. Which other superhero can boast that?


Cyper has the ability to decrypte, understand any language or secret code. What a nice superpower…wait normal people actually do that as a living why does this guy get to be a superhero? Well it’s because he hangs out with X-Men, somehow he infiltrated their ranks and made them believe that cyphering things is a superpower. It’s alright he can help us understand the Morse code.


One of the wonder twins, Zane has the exceptionally ability to turn himself into water, ice and steam. How does that save or solve anything? I don’t know. His twin sister can turn into an animal, we know which one got the better deal. Turning into water will not stop the end of the world but at least he can clench someone’s thirst.

5 Of The Hardest Games Ever Made

Videogames are a new form of entertainment and with each year it has only gotten bigger. With games like Call of Duty, GTA and the Mario franchise, which are played by almost by everyone from old people to young, everyone has a game they can enjoy. But some games are made for the hardcore gamer, games that are so hard that most players find them unfair or cheap. These games often don’t have a difficulty and therefore there is no other way to play them except in their original brutal difficulty.

A point and click adventure game, normally these games are not the hardest but sometimes have tricky puzzles and set pieces. Shadowgate is a point and click entirely based on traps. Something as simple as inserting a wrong key on a door can lead you to your death or touching a painting only for it to shoot arrows at you. Most items you find will probably kill you if you attempt to use them; the descriptions of the item’s will help you figure out their proper use. The game was originally made for the Macintosh but was later released on the NES. In some countries where the translation was poorly done, the game became even more difficult because of the obscure definitions and descriptions. At least each time you died you heard the death theme, which was a wonderfully composed bit of music. The game is being remade after more than 10 years of abscence, it’s your chance to enter Shadowgate.

This game is a roguelike, which means a lot of the game is random but one thing that is sure is that you only have one life. Once you die you start back at the beginning because there are no checkpoints or save options. Also it is one of the first roguelikes ever and that has evolved a lot since its inception. You start as a thief character you might even say a rogue like character. So unlike the usual hero in games you start of with a character who has to fight unfair to win and use lots of cheap tactics. The goal of the game is to find an amulet that is at the lowest level of the dungeon and give it your god. The hard part is that there are 50 levels all completely random and if you die you start over with another completely random map. The game can take a decade to fully discover, there are still to this day new abilities and options being discovered. These are usually discussed and shared in forums. Death is so common that there is an acronym for it, “YASD” which stands for yet another stupid death. People who have finished it, have most often done it with the help of the game’s incredible community which consistently share tricks and tactics. Those who have never read a guide and claim to finish it, are often questioned. This game might take forever to finish or not even but it still is a great exercise of puzzle solving and patience. Also it is completely free and if the ASCII graphics annoy you there is graphical redesign called Vulture which is a lot prettier.

I Wanna Be The Guy
This game is probably the hardest out of all these games. The only problem is that it’s not much of a game as it is a death fest. The easiest level in this game is nigh impossible. There are people who have finished it but only because the game offers you one chance and that is infinite lives. You might think that would make it easier but it’s even more frustrating to being stuck in the same level for hours despite unlimited retries. The game is a platformer which is a tribute to the old Nintendo platformers which were also stupidly hard. Most levels are just a bunch of spikes except the tile you start on and you have to get to the end somehow. Well at least the game is free, so when you give up it won’t feel like you wasted your money.

Demon’s Souls
This is one of the few examples in the modern era of gaming. This action rpg is about you, just an ordinary warrior trying to rid the world of evil demons. The classes and abilities work like any other rpg. The interesting part of the game is how it deals with death. Death isn’t just as simple as dieing and reloading a checkpoint. When you die you lose all your souls which are the in game currency for items and also used to level up. Then you start back the start of the area and have a chance to regain all your souls back by going back up to where you died. Well unfortunately for you all the monsters you previously killed are all back except main bosses and if you die along the way you lose those souls permanently. Although many people claim the game is too hard, anyone who has played for a decent amount of time will tell you it’s more of a learning experience, something most modern games don’t have. And if you finish the game you can play it again but every enemy is stronger, this happens eachtime you finish the game so you could eventually have enemies 10 times stronger than the original start. Also difficulty and complexity are a trend in From Software(developers of Demon’s Souls).

Battle Toads
This game is the pinnacle of pain and frustration, its difficulty is unmatched even now. I Wanna Be The Guy comes close but it’s cheap level design and lack of skill make it worse for it. Battle Toads doesn’t use any cheap designs but just pure chaos. The game is a sidescroller similar to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The game has so many different layouts, one level is a race filled with enemies and obstacles, that is only the 3rd level. Each level brings new types of enemies and annoyance with while keeping old enemies too. The game is just unbeatable on a regular run, many players use the infinite life option so they don’t kill themselves. Even with cheats this game is harder than any game. There is a second player option, you would think this would make things easier, unfortunately not. The two players can hit each other which makes the fighting even more harder. More people have seen volcanos erupt under water than the ending of this game.
There are many other games that make you want to break your controller in half. A few honorable mentions would be the Ninja Gaiden series on the nes, Super Metroid, Fire Emblem and there are others which I probably avoided.

Little Known Facts about Candida Yeast Infections

Have you ever heard of Candida? It’s a small word but the organism can have a world of impact on those who are suffering from an overgrowth infection. Candida, in short, is a naturally occurring yeast/fungus that lives in the body, just like yo have good bacteria. When the balance of yeast and bacteria becomes messed up, and the Candida organism can flourish and cause a wide variety of health complications. Here are some things you probably didn’t know about yeast and the human body.

Everyone Can Suffer from Yeast Infections

There is a misconception that only women can suffer from yeast infections. This isn’t true – at all. While women most commonly suffer from the vaginal variety, there are a ton of other fungal infections caused by Candida as well. These include jock itch, athlete’s foot, oral thrush, and ringworm. This means Candida can affect men and woman of all ages – even babies. According to the CDC, “Candida yeasts normally live ion the skin and mucous membranes without causing infection; however, overgrowth of these organisms can cause symptoms to develop.”

You Can’t “Catch” Candida, but Antibiotics Make it Worse

The Candida organism lives within your body, so you can’t technically “catch” the condition from others. You can usually catch simple fungal skin irritations from others, but Candidiasis, or the systemic overgrowth, is caused by your own health (or lack thereof). According to research on Body and Health on, “The leading cause is the overuse of antibiotics. Yeast must compete for the right to live on us with various other organisms, many of them bacteria.” When we take too many antibiotics, the bacteria can’t continue to fight the levels of yeast in and on the body

Doctors Tend to Mess Up the Diagnosis

That’s not encouraging, is it? Believe it or not, if you don’t have one of the forms of Candida mentioned above, but have a more serious systemic infection, you’ll probably find yourself misdiagnosed at least once. According to Dr. Eric Bakker, there are two main reasons for this happening. The first is the growth of the pharmaceutical industry and the second is the way the symptoms of chronic Candida mimic other major conditions.

Sugar Doesn’t Cause Candida

There are some people out there who will tell you that sugar causes Candida infections. While sugar doesn’t have to cause Candida, per say, it definitely contributes to the ability of the Candida organism to thrive. If you are a healthy person, eating fruit and the occasional sweet treat probably won’t make much of a difference. If you’re already immune compromised, diabetic, or suffering from some other illness, the increased sugar in your bloodstream will certainly make things more difficult to handle.

candida yeast

Candida and Fibromyalgia, CFS, and IBS

Not everyone with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, or IBS will have Candida, but quite a few actually do. According to Jacob Teitelbaum, MD, if you have one of these conditions “You probably have an overgrowth of yeast or Candida. Though poorly understood by most physicians, treating this underlying infection can have profound health benefits.” As a matter of fact, treating your Candida with a natural diet and anti-fungal medications, like the plan outlined in Eric Bakker’s Candida Crusher book suggests, you should not only start to feel better but may experience complete relief from these debilitating conditions.

Acute Conditions often Hide Chronic Conditions

If you suffer from frequent fungal conditions, like vaginal yeast infections or even athlete’s foot, you may need to take a step back and consider your treatment methods. Those who have a one-time problem can usually treat themselves with OTC medications and go about their lives. Those who are plagued with the same infection over and over again need to consider the common threads. Are you constantly taking antibiotics? Do you drink a lot of alcohol? Do you live a stressful life? All of these things can contribute to an imbalance in your body’s homeostasis, allowing yeast to flourish.

Alcohol is a Huge Culprit

While you may not want to hear it, it’s definitely true. The consumption of alcohol plays a huge role in the way Candida is allowed to grow and flourish in your body. According to Dr. Bakker, “The more resistant the patient is in wanting to give up alcohol entirely (and I absolutely mean 100%) for at least 4 months to allow the digestive system to fully recover, the more likely it will be the alcohol is a major causative factor, and is continuing to underpin the yeast condition.” This doesn’t mean you’ll never be able to enjoy a drink again in your life, but if you’re seriously suffering, you’re going to have to give it up for a while.

At the end of the day, you can’t avoid the Candida yeast organism 100%. You’re living with it right now. What you can do is take action to make sure you’re keeping your body and health in balance; and talk to doctor sooner rather than later if you experience odd symptoms. The sooner you start to treat a Candida yeast infection, the better off you’ll be.

5 Weird Things about Ancient Rome

Ancient Roman society has helped develop lots of important tools and ideas that are still used today. The aqueduct, the roads and open citizenship type of civilization are a few of the obvious ones. Like all great things, Rome had a few flaws and we should be thankful that those did not survive. Here are a few of the weird traditions of ancient Rome.

Funeral Sacrifice

In ancient Rome there were two methods of funerals. One was a regular funeral where the dead would be buried in the cemetery in the presence of his loved ones and the other had sacrifices. The one with the sacrifices is interesting because not many culture’s have sacrifice’s at funerals. There are some traditions of sacrifices for the birth of a child but the death of a person. This was unique to Rome. The sacrifice would be made at the same of the burial. The sacrifice victim was usually a pig…but sometimes exceptions would be made. Other animals would be sacrificed such as a bull and sometimes even humans. Human sacrifices were rare though and only reserved for the most important.

Fertility Medicine

Fertility has been a difficult subject for a long time even at the Great Roman Empire. Fertility issues would make a man not man and same for a woman. There were many disgusting placebo treatments for it. Such as eating the genitals of some mammals or something along those lines but this was not the case in Rome. In Ancient Rome, a very popular treatment was drinking the blood of gladiators. What most people didn’t know is that drinking human blood is unhealthy even more so if the blood is someone else.

The Colosseum

The Greeks did have men fight each other for entertainment in the Olympics but it was not a fight till the death. Fortunately killing each other is no longer considered a form of entertainment even if your prisoners or slaves. The Colosseum was not only a cemetery for humans but animals too. Animals added unpredictability and fun for the public. Only in the first day of the Colosseum 5000 animals were killed, thankfully that rate did not continue for its full duration. Despite the horrible things that happened in the coliseum, the structure itself is a piece of engineering genius even today. Its capacity in its heyday was over 300 thousand, much larger than any modern stadium.


The fake hairpiece known as toupee was also present in Ancient Rome long before anywhere else. Women wore it for beauty and fashion. Men wore it out of fear. A men with a bald head was not something’s the Romans liked. The Romans were very superstitious so they had weird reasons to dislike a lot of things. Julius Cesar, the famous conqueror of Gaul, had a male baldness pattern and was known to wear wigs.

Roman Poetry
Romans did tend to have a good eye for the arts. They had theatre, music, literature and sculptures. They also had poetry…well that one they didn’t have a great eye for. Romans were believed to have a really obscene sense of humour, which is why the Latin language has a lot of words with sexual references. To really know what the Romans were about search the poem Catullus 16.