The Craziest Alien Story Ever

Since the incident at Roswell, the amount of UFO sightings, abduction, mind control and interference have grown at an exponential rate. It was a catalyst for alien conspiracy theories, alien tv shows, alien movies and all sorts of craziness. Although there is a good chance there is life out there, there has been little evidence of their arrival on earth but the amount of sightings have only grown. Here are a few of the craziest stories out there.

In 1957, Brazilian farmer, Antonio Vilas Boas was abducted during a mid October late night. Why would a farmer work during the night you ask? Well Mister Vilas Boas said he couldn’t deal with the heat during the day which led him to work during the latter parts of the day. The abduction started as so, Antonio saw a red light in the sky and so was able to shape out a circular aircraft.  As the craft came closer to the ground, Antonio noticed its size and decided to run away. He didn’t manage to get far, as his tractor died down, when he was running a humanoid creature appeared and seized him. Soon two more of these humanoids appeared and they forced Boas in their craft. The aliens did some blood tests on Antonio during this he noticed some symbols on the walls, which he after his abduction drew for the public. Here is where it gets strange; Antonio was then led into another room where he had sexual intercourse with an attractive female humanoid whom had cat like eyes. There is lots of details about this event on internet but let’s ignore them. After that he was given a tour of the craft, in a moment of brilliance he decided to steal an object for proof but was reprimanded. He left empty handed, when he got out 4 hours had passed. A few days after his abduction he started having lots medical ailments such as excessive sleepiness, headaches, radiation poisoning and many more. The government officials also questioned him but he kept the same story. This was a special case because it was the first ever abduction to occur and the first to gain international media coverage. After this many similar stories followed and works of fiction inspired from it. Vilas Boas died 1992, going to his grave saying that’s what happened that night.


Strange Tales From…Earth!

Strange things happen in books, movies and other works but sometimes reality is stranger than fiction. Most people won’t believe this, of course we don’t have Godzilla running around killing people but things as outlandish as that do happen in reality. As they say, reality copies fiction or is it the other way around?

Modern Chivalry

One of the most difficult things in life might be getting a date with a person you like. People will go on great lengths to accomplish that but should there be a limit for how far they go? In Jonesboro, Arkansas, a man named Jeffery Tyler Siegel crossed that invisible line. He went so far off the limit to get the date that it involved lacerating himself. How does cutting oneself help get a date you ask? Well here’s how Jeffery’s story goes. As he was walking with the lady he fancied at a park, they got jumped by a thug and this thug said “You can leave buddy but the lady stays!”. Jeffery attacked the man and told his date to run away. During the attack Jeffrey was slashed twice by a knife before the attacker left. The police did a bit of investigating and found nothing. Jeffery confessed that it was all a scam to impress his date. When the date was approached by the media for a comment, she said that she won’t be talking to Jeffery any time soon.

Bleach as Medicine

A 20 year old man in Southern Florida, fed his 2 year old daughter bleach after a friend jokingly said that it would cure breathing problems. This didn’t end well for the father nor the child as it had to be rushed to the emergency right away. The father has been fined with $25 000 for child harm or stupidity.

Laundry Thief

After the financial crash of 2008, many citizens were angered that no the banking institutions behind the crash were punished. However the government did make one change for this institution because of their previous malpractices. They put in a law saying that if they had any employ with a criminal record of theft or fraud of any level that they were required to fire them. The first man to fall for this new law was Richard Eggers. Egger was a Well’s Fargo worker. His crime was trying to trick a Laundromat machine by putting a cardboard dime; unfortunately he was caught by camera and promptly fired by his company.

Those were a few tale of strangeness that happened during the last few months, something even stranger is probably happening right now.

5 Funny Blunders You Should Know

Blunders occur when the right amount of stupidity and luck happen. Sometimes the results can be disasterful but at other times they can just be downright funny. Unfortunately for the person committing these blunders, we aren’t laughing with them but at them. Here are a few noticeably stupid blunders that are largely unharmful.


This story comes from the great city of Philadelphia, where one firefighter fought his firing because he thought it to be wrong. The fire department fired this man, William Michini, because of his hair was too long and dangerous for proper work ethic. When the case was brought to court, William said his hair was self-extinguishing and set his hair on fire. After his head went ablaze he blamed the hair spray for the impact.

Beer Mistake

During the late 1980s, the Pfeiffer Brewing Company decided to run a print and radio campaign for their new brew. The print campaign went pretty well but the radio one ended up being somewhat strange. The radio stations decided to create this ad for the product. “Pfeiffer’s…the beer with the silent P”. Unfortunately that is true and false, for you to figure out which.

Rest in…wait what?

Aldo Oliveri Stadium was meant to be finished building in 1997. In Verona, dedicated to one of the greatest Italian goalkeepers soccer had ever seen. This was going to be an amazing stadium. The organization of the opening event and building of the stadium all went according to plan. This was going to be in memory of Aldo Oliveri, the 1938 world cup hero. One thing they had forgotten during all this was that Aldo was not dead, in fact the opposite he was doing great and healthy.

The Great Country of Whales…

This one happened in 1997, when the Canadian postal service issued a souvenir stamp which was in honor of the Prince of Wales. Much to the chagrin of the Prince, the souvenir had an error on it, he was named the Prince of Whales and not prince of Wales. The spokesman for the Canadian post said they were sorry for the error and that it was human. He also said they would not be pulling the souvenirs out. I do admit Prince of Whales does make a good souvenir.

This is educational

In 1997, the French broadcasting company Canal France broadcasted an x rated film in their international channels in the Arab countries. The film was playing during the afternoon instead of a kid’s show. Well at least they learned something instead of watching cartoons all day.

The Most Stupid Words from Urban Dictionary

Everyone has probably heard a really stupid word used by their friends and that means something really stupid. Often these words have very local origins and even more local use. Therefore naturally we don’t get to hear some of these awesome words so let’s fix that. Slight disclaimer, some of these words are just outrageously stupid and offensive.

Assburgers: Wait what is an ass burger? A burger that looks like an human ass? A burger made out of ass? Nope it’s wordplay on the aspergers disease. How does that transformation occur? Well like all these urban words their origins are hard to trace but at least both aspergers and assburgers keep the theme of food.

Baby Googles: No babies don’t need googles, they don’t swim or fly airplanes. This term is directed toward the parents of the said baby. If the baby is ugly as hell but the parents still find him adorable, one could say they are wearing baby googles. A state of delusion many of us have seen…

Damn Skippy: I’ve never heard of this one but neither will you unless you find yourself in Southern Australia which you shouldn’t, it really is a dangerous country. Australians have a habit of changing simple words to simpler words. Good day to G’day well those are the only ones I know, I don’t want to ever go there. Damn skippy would be directly translated to Damn straight in proper English.

Beardo: This one is easier to figure out…really? You still can’t figure it out? It just means a weirdo with a beard.

Keep it 100: Which is one of the more positive words in here, it means being real and true to yourself.

Broscience: This term has nothing to do with brothers or science. It is the phenomena where people in the gym give more credit to the word of someone who’s jacked than to someone who actually knows about working out.

Remote Dance: Now this is a dance we’ve all done. This occurs when you shake your hand with the remote in frustration, pleading your television to recognize it’s input.

Those were a few words I hadn’t heard before and hopefully don’t hear. A quick warning, do not go searching for real words at urbandictionary because you will see things like this. Searching for the month January leads to a big paragraph of words claiming January to be the best month and people born during it to be the best. I searched for the word talentless and I got Hilary Duff as a suggestion. Well at least that one is true.

How do rock bands get their ridiculous names?

So many musical bands with so many weird names. Sometimes it’s something totally random, other times it is something to do with the band’s origins or something more directly related to them and their music. Well either way most bands end up with really cool names but how they get there is the interesting part.

Foo Fighters : A foo fighter was slang during the World War II for UFOs.

Rage Against Machine: The band hoped their music and message would push people to react against the negative effects of certain government laws and corporation control.

ABBA: This one is quite simple for any fan of the famous pop group. The name is an acronym from the initials of the 4 members, Agnetha, Bjorn, Benny and Anni. It’s also a palindrome.

Pearl Jam: Lead singer Eddie Vedder named it after his aunt Pearl who made great jam. Unfortunately the name also is slang for semen.

Skrillex: Quite original this one, he got it from his old AIM username but what it actually means is unknown much like his music.

Queen: The band was originally named Smile but Freddie Mercury decided to change it to Queen because he thought the name was strong, beautiful and easy to understand for everyone.

Beastie Boys: Beastie is not actually an adjective for beast but it is an acronym for Boys Entering Anarchistic States Towards Inner Excellence.

Radiohead: Originally named “On a Friday”, they were asked by their label to change their name. The band choose the song Radio Head from the band Talking Heads album True Stories. The band Radiohead said that song was the least annoying from that album. That was a lot of head to write about.

Linkin Park: The band had to change their name due to copyright issues. At first the lead singer Chester suggested Lincoln Park as he was driving by it after a practice session. But the band couldn’t afford the domain name so they went with linkinpark. Some other theorists suggest that the band wanted their cd’s to appear next to Limp Bizkit. Why would anyone want that?

Childish Gambino: Donald Glover used a Wu-Tang name generator in his sophomore year of college, that’s how he got the name.

U2: It is the name of a spy plane from the United States army but the singer Bono said the name comes from the band’s interactivity with the crowd. U2 = you too!

Hopefully you care about some of these bands and now know why they have their names.

Bizarre Lawsuits

Lawsuits have become a common thing in law in the last few decades. You can practically sue anyone for anything. With the amount of rules and regulation, you are bound to break a few of them even without noticing. Here are a few lawsuits that you won’t believe are real.

The Chili Finger

The classic restaurant lawsuit, I found a human finger in my chili and now I am going to sue you for millions of dollar. Wait what that’s not the classic restaurant lawsuit but this did happen in an American Wendy’s fast food. In 2003, one Anna Ayala, found a severed human finger in her chili. The lawsuit she and her husband did got them some money but it was even more harmful for the public image of Wendy’s. A few years later after some investigations it was found out that it was all a big hoax and fraud. Anna and her husband had gotten the finger from a friend who had recently lost it in an accident. They had somehow managed to plant it in the food without detection. Well at least now they are facing charges of fraud and conspiracy.

What happened to my hair?

In 1996, Sydney, Australia, one Victoria Baldwin was getting a haircut on a warm July’s day at Synergy, a hair salon chain. When the hair cut was finished, Victoria was so enraged at the result she brought the hair salon company to court. She also notably said the haircut made her look like Hilary Clinton, which is a shame for everyone concerned. The result was so bad the court agreed with her and asked the salon to pay her up $750.

My beer brings all the girls!

In 1991, Richard Overton had an epiphany, since he was a grown man he was always buying beer and enjoyed drinking it. But what he had never noticed was how the commercials always portrayed the drinker with beautiful women. This had never happened to him so he decided to sue Budweiser for false advertisement. The court didn’t even bother with this one.

Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116 come here.

A Swedish family by the name of Hallins, refused to give their son a real name because of their beliefs in pataphysics. Their son was five years old now without a name, the Swedish government forced them to name him and so they did. After lots of name coming up they went with a lesser known one. Which was Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116, the Swedish authorities refused it once. The couple said the decision was theirs and this name was artistic. The government didn’t like what they had to say, they ordered them to change the name and pay 5000 konor.

Those were a few of the most bizarre lawsuits I could find but I am sure they are many many more.



Unsolvable Riddles

Riddles can you leave you mind boggled, baffled and then relief when you get the answer right. But some are just so hard that you can’t figure them out and you need people’s help to solve them. These are a few riddles of that hard mold.

You can’t keep this until you have given it.

What crime is punishable if attempted but is not punishable if committed?

What question can you never answer yes to?

He has married many women but he has never been married, who is he?

Can you spell a pretty girl with two letters?

A man kills his wife. Many people watch him doing so.
Yet no one will ever be able to accuse him of murder. Why?

The more you have the less you. What is it?

Imagine you’re on a sinking boat and are surrounded by sharks, how do you survive?

What can you serve but not eat?

How many eggs can you put in an empty basket before that changes?

The answers are for you to find out!




Questions that should be asked more often

Sometimes something’s just don’t make sense or at least common sense. Why do the word car and automobile mean the same thing? Isn’t car derivative from cart and thus different from automobile which runs by engine and not led by a horse. There are many other meaningless questions such as this one.

Why do a wise man and a wise guy mean different things?

Why do “overlook” and “oversee” mean different things?

Why does the word “lisp” contain an “s’?

If people from Poland are called Poles then why people from Holland are not called Holes?

If Barbie is so great and popular why do you need to buy her friends?

If Superman is the smartest man alive why does he wear underwear over his pants?

What happens if you eat pasta and anti pasta? Does the anti neutralize the pasta and make you still hungry?

Those are a few dumb why questions.


Words created by Shakespeare

William Shakespeare completely changed a language by himself. This feat is even bigger when you learn that he created many words in it. These are not random words that no one will ever use but words that are often said and used. He is often considered the best writer or at least the great person to ever use the English language. Here are a few words that William created.

Frugal, yes this beautiful word is created by Shakespeare himself, first used during his play The Merry Wives of Windsor.

Drug, yes it was already a word before but he changed into a verb, as in drugging someone. He also gave it a negative connation. This one was first used in the famous play Macbeth.

Undress, the word dress was already in existence, Shakespeare just added the un in front. Sometimes creating a word is that simple. The Taming of the Shrew was the play it was first used in.

Eyeball, the words eye and ball were already created and Shakespeare decided to put them together. Which makes sense becomes the eye is a sphere much like a ball.

Bedroom, Shakespeare invented this word again by concatenating two words together “bed” and “room”.

Those are few words Shakespeare invented with his plays and books but there are many more.

Bafflingly Stupid Laws

Laws are what keep people in check from doing something bad but some laws are just plain stupid. They seem to be written with a subjective tone rather than an objective tone, as what they say is something so banal that one could ignore it.

In Massachusetts, law says goats can’t legally wear trousers. I guess a sweater is fine.

In Hartford, Connecticut, you are not allowed to educate your dog. Good thing dogs don’t require much education.

In Baton Rouge, Louisiana, if you don’t like the condition of a road and complain about it in public, you can be forced to fix it yourself.

In Cheyenne, you can’t spit outside a children’s school. Another one in Wyoming, you can’t take the picture of a rabbit from January to April.

A bit of international flavour, Greece had a law from 2002/2005 which banned all electronic games, this included video games, slot machines and anything game related.

In Israel you can’t ride your bicycle without a permit thankfully the permit isn’t hard or expensive to get.

You can’t walk barefoot in Austin, Texas without some sort of permit, which costs round $5.

In Canada, a law prohibits all citizens to remove bandages in public, yes this law must have been passed when the chamber of commons was drunk.

The door of your garage and front house are regulated by the city council in Canada, in most cities the color purple is banned and will get you a hefty fine.

In Lawrence, Kansas, it is totally illegal to carry bees in your hat. Why someone would do that is a mystery but hey if there is a law it must have occurred a few times.

In Australia, it is illegal for children to buy cigarettes…So far so good; the twist is here, that legally they are allowed to smoke them.

In Japan there is no age of consent that might be a good thing for a few people…

There are a lot more stupid laws, you just need to pick up a book about law in general in America, and you will find that most of them make no sense but these were a few of the most idiotic.