Getting Better Cardio with Running

In the last decade the thought of personal fitness has arisen in nearly every country. Before that it was never really mainstream to talk about working, most people did sports or didn’t. But in the last decade this has greatly changed, with fitness gyms and martial arts gyms opening in every country in the world. Taking care of your personal health has become one of the top priorities of a person in our world. This mainly because of the advent of new diseases and society becoming generally less active. With the immergence of technology humans have jobs that require less and less manual labor. Working out can be anything from yoga to strength training to any sport.  But one of the easiest ways to get fit and be rid of most disease is be in good cardiovascular shape. A good body needs a good heart. Good cardio is not easy to come by but a good running routine can help massively.

One thing about running is that it’s easy, if you’ve been alive for long enough you probably know how to run properly. Of course there is a form and shape to running but it’s very instinctive and simple. On the equipment side you only need some loose clothes and good running shoes. For the clothes you might want to wear something made out of a really light fabric, that lets the wind breeze in and not absorb the sunlight. Cotton is one nono for running; it really makes a difference during a hot, humid day. Nike’s track & field shirt are great for running and have good durability. For shoes you might want regular running sneakers but there has recently been a popular alternative the vibram foot shoes. There is even an optionWhich are made scientifically to avoid foot injuries. They are also lighter than any regular running sneakers which make for easier runs. Socks are also important, here we must also avoid the cotton, something made out of polyester is recommended. Back to running, running burns the most calories per minute than any other activity other than a high intensity workout. Best way to get into running is joining a local marathon(place doesn’t matter) or just going on runs by yourself. Those were some tips on running.

Fastest way to get a slim stomach

Many people say that losing weight is one of the hardest things to achieve with your body but that is not entirely true, gaining weight and losing weight can be hard for a certain body type but one thing that is just generally hard to get rid off is a belly. A fat belly is not considered attractive but it also sticks out which is unfortunate and disturbing. Losing a sticking out belly is not entirely an easy thing as stated earlier but can be achieved by doing certain things and avoiding certain things.

Things to do and not to do

Sleeping less can lead to a fat belly mostly because staying awake will lead more ghrelin production in your body which will lead you to starvation and compulsion eating. Also sleeping less can unbalance your hormonal system. Obviously eating healthy is a good suggestion. Some things that are generally always considered good despite the trend of health industry being very bipolar are the following, fish, green vegetables and fruits. If you already have a good diet and still get a belly, you might want to try going vegetarian for less protein and carbs in your diet. Although remember that proteins are alot easier to burn than carbs. But starving yourself is not the answer but quite actually the opposite, eating less than your needs will also give you a belly. Eating more can be actually benefit if you train most days of the week. Staying motivated and keep a steady workout routine will also help you out. Especially a workout that covers the cardiovascular, strength and endurance. Some out of the regular exercises include breathing exercises which are very common for stress relief but work fine for body relaxation in general which will help your body lose or gain weight. Vitamin C is also an effective way to produce carnitine which is a compound that helps you burn fat. Thus Vitamin C pills can be a fat burning machine for you. Also it is perfectly safe to take 4-5 vitamin c pills per day. Some folks will tell you ab exercises are the best way to get rid of a fat belly but that is far from the truth. Ab exercises only will strength the bottom abdominal parts of your body rather than removing the fat. But light exercises slightly throughout the day will help you if you don’t do a full workout. Something simple as taking long walks and doing some planks will be fine.

17 Ways To Get Money When You Need It

Have you ever felt like you needed some extra cash?

Maybe you got an unexpected bill. Perhaps you had an emergency hospital visit. Or, maybe your car needs new tires or new brakes. You might also want to take a vacation with your family or throw a 1st birthday party for your child. Regardless of the reason for wanting extra money, this post will tell you exactly how to get it.

It’s actually easier than you think to make a few extra dollars on the side. All you need is a little bit of motivation and the desire to succeed. Some of the suggestions below will only take an hour or two to complete while others require more of a time commitment. Good luck!

1. Hold A Garage Sale

You know you’ve been wanting to hold a garage sale for quite some time. All of us have a storage closet that we need to clean out or clothes that no longer fit us. Getting ready for a garage sale only takes a week or two. Simply go through your house one room at a time and remove any unwanted items. Then, spend a day over the weekend pricing items. Stay organized and start early on garage sale day. Also, make sure that you advertise your sale with big, bright poster boards all around your neighborhood.

2. Consolidate!

If you are having trouble paying your bills, one great way to save money is to consolidate your debt. Consolidating debt can save you thousands of dollars in interest costs over the course of a year. Use a website with great resources like to see if this decision is right for you.

3. Sell Your Gold

If you have unwanted jewelry, you can actually take it to some jewelry stores and sell it on the spot. Try to find a company that specializes in buying gold or platinum. Do your research to find out the market value for your metals that day. You want to make sure to get the most for your jewelry, so be sure to show you have knowledge of what they’re worth.

4. Walk People’s Dogs

If you love animals, you can make great money by watching other people’s dogs when they go on vacation or walking them during the week. You can set up an inexpensive website describing your qualifications and advertise your services on social media. You can also rely on word of mouth by offering to walk your friends’ dogs and asking them to spread the word.

5. Sell Your Clothes at Plato’s Closet

If you have clothes, shoes, or accessories that you no longer wear, you can take them to a Plato’s Closet. These stores are spreading across the United States and can be found in many cities. Essentially, you bring your unwanted items, and the staff will go through them and give you cash on the spot if they can use them.

6. Ask For a Family Loan

If you need money immediately, you can always ask a family member to give you a loan. You could also ask multiple family members to give you small amounts that could add up to a larger one. Keep in mind that while family members are more generous to part with their money, it’s also much harder to admit to them you can’t pay them back if a problem arises. So, borrow wisely and pay them back promptly.

7. Sell Furniture on Craigslist

Craigslist is a great resource to use when you want to make money the same day. The items that sell quickly are furniture and appliances. The best days to sell are the weekend days because people are available to come and pick up items. If you want to sell it quickly, make sure to price your items accordingly.

8. Mow Your Neighbor’s Lawn

During the warm weather months, you can offer to mow your neighbor’s lawn. It will only take you an hour or so for a smaller lot in a neighborhood, and it’s a great way to make side cash.

9. Look for Jobs on

TaskRabbit is a website where you can apply to do odd jobs for other people. Whether they need a ride to the airport or help planning an event, you can set your guidelines and price.

10. Borrow Money From A Pawn Shop

If you are just days away from a paycheck but need money, you can take jewelry or another expensive possession to a pawn shop. They will give you a loan in exchange for holding your item, but it will have guidelines. Remember, if you don’t pay them back in a certain amount of time, they are entitled to keep what you gave them.

11. Put Your Place on Airbnb

Airbnb is a website where you can rent out a room in your home or your entire house for a price. Essentially, you turn your house into a hotel. It’s a great way to make a few extra dollars. Just make sure that you take great pictures of your home so that it’s appealing to potential guests.

12. Amazon MTurk

Amazon MTurk is a website where you can look for jobs to do from home. These jobs are great for people with an aptitude for technology, like transcribing videos. However, there are also other jobs like translating paragraphs into different languages and writing blog posts.

13. Apply for a Personal Loan

If you need a loan for a particular reason, remember that you can always go into your local bank and request one. In order to get approved, you will need to have good credit and a responsible repayment history.

14. Open An Account on is a website where you can sell services or products for $5.00. Setting up an account is free and easy to start. In order to get your first sale, be sure to look on the “gigs wanted” section of the website to see if you have any skills that match what services people are looking for.

15. Help People Move

Not everyone lives near friends and family, so they might not have help on moving day. Sometimes, all a person needs is a helping hand to help move larger items like sofas and mattresses. Set an hourly rate and advertise your services. You can make over a hundred dollars in one weekend this way.

16. Deliver Furniture

When people buy furniture on websites like Craigslist, they often have to rent a truck to haul it to their apartments. If you have a vehicle large enough to help them, you can rent out your services. Take an ad out in the paper, tell your friends on Facebook, or advertise it on Craigslist itself.

17. House Sit

If you are having trouble paying your rent, you should consider house sitting. Essentially, people pay you to stay in their home while they are away for an extended period of time. This way, you can make money and live rent free. Keep an eye out for these opportunities on websites like Craigslist or offer to help a friend if you know they will be leaving for a few weeks.

If you use the tips listed above, you will be well on your way to getting extra money when you need it. Whether you need it today or in a few weeks when the mortgage is due, any of these methods can help you get there.

Post by Catherine Alford

What is the Caveman diet?

In recent years with the rise of the conscience of health among our civilization new diets have constantly appeared in popular media and the scientific community. Many have omce and gone like the wind, but some which have lasted have proved that they are proven and effectual.  Among those few is the caveman diet, also known as “The Paleo Diet” it has been tested time and time again by health researches and diet organizations but has been proven to be a all around healthy diet. Here are a few facts about this diet.

The Gastroenterologist Walter L. Voegtlin was the first to suggest that a caveman like diet would be beneficial for humans in the modern era. The paleo diet was based on what our ancesters ate during the Palaeolithic era in which they ate only raw meat and wild plants. He also noticed our modern diets had created many digestive problems which were previously never present. He concluded this had occurred due to the prominence of agriculture which had largely altered our diet. In the following years since 1975, many other researchers and health practitioners came out to advocate for this diet. Many other links were found between the declines of the paleo diet, the rise of a more agriculture based foods and rise of more serious diseases. Before that the majority of diseases were contracted from something extern but after agriculture it was more intern. It was what we ate, since humans were used to meat, wild plants and not wheat & corn. This was a major problem for our digestive systems which were used to the other stuff, now we started eating things that we were never meant. This created many new diseases and changed our whole lifestyle. Since then the paleo diet has returned but not in a grand fashion, medical surveys have shown that it’s one the least practiced diets in the world. There might be one simple reason for this. Many diets are made for a certain illness such as low carb for obesity and ketogenic for epilepsy; hence they are always going to be more practiced since ill people have more reason to change their diets than regular people, which the caveman diet would significantly help. The caveman diet is simple. It consists of these things of fish, grass-fed pasture raised meats, eggs, vegetables, fruit, fungi and many more. Just think of anything you can hunt or gather by yourself that is edible that should be pretty much “paleo”

The Low Carb Diet

People often wonder which diets are truly beneficial and which are just based unsupported researches. The truth is what the health centers and organizations consider healthy food changes every week, with new research coming up and being debunked soon after, this cycle happens ever so often. To truly know what diets are good, you have to go with the big ones which have been a mainstay of healthy diets for a long time. Not only that but many researches have been done to prove their worth because of that large mainstay in the media unlike diets that come and go without anyone proving them or disproving them. Here is one of them.

The Low Carb Diet

One thing to know about the low carb diet is that it only works on people who are largely affected by carbs. First of what are carbs? Carbs stand for carbohydrate, which is an organic compound that consists of three elements, carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Foods which contain large amounts of carbs are anything made with wheat, fruits and other. Back to the diet, the low carb diet will work mostly on people who are affected too much by carbs. This diet is the number one diet for overweight people and those with obesity. Though the diet can also heal troubles with the heart, metabolic syndrome, epilepsy and etc. There were some who believed that doing physically demanding actions with this diet would be not effective but that has been disproven with researches showing that inuits lead a hard physical life with a largely low carb diet. So what do you eat with this diet? Foods with high fat such as meat, poultry, fish, shellfish, eggs and anything else low on carb. Carbs are omnipresent in vegetables and fruits thus limiting their consummation in this diet. So like you can see this is what this diet is all about.

What is the Flying Spaghetti Monster?

If you’ve ever read or heard a debate about religion, you might have heard someone bring up the Flying Spaghetti Monster. The abbreviation FSM is used often but what is the flying spaghetti monster, what are its origins and goal?

The flying spaghetti monster originated when a student from the Oregon State University, Bobby Henderson sent an open letter to the Kansas State Board of Education in an attempt to stop the board from applying Intelligent Design theories in school. Which basically meant teaching students that creationism is a viable alternative for science. Henderson stated much like creationism, the theory of the FSM was one of the designer creating the world. Bobby said “I think we can all look forward to the time when these three theories are given equal time in our science classrooms across the country, and eventually the world; one third time for Intelligent Design, one third time for Flying Spaghetti Monsterism, and one third time for logical conjecture based on overwhelming observable evidence.” The theory was satirical but gained much support in the internet and started to have a cult following. This lead to it becoming somewhat of a real anti-religion. The only dogma of the religion is not to have any dogmas. Becoming a follower is pretty easy since there is no holy books or rules to follow, although a book did come out which is less about rules and more about a spaghetti monster’s life. Nothing wrong with that but the more faithful will want to read on the theory of Pirates and Temperature which has originated from the religion. That is not the only whacky fun theory but they are many more, like all good religion dogmas none of these can be disproved by science.

VLC Media the Top Video Player?

Video players are one of the most common software in the world of computers but there are so many of them and very few which are actually decent and reliable. VLC is been considered for sometime the best player out there. Is that claim true or just hyperbole? Let’s find out.

VLC originally started as a school project by students at Ecole Centrale Paris in France. The project started out pretty barebones but the students approach to create an open environment for fast customizations and add ons by anyone in the net, made the program expand rapidly. When the program started gaining momentum and gaining support, the creators decided to make it a freeware. Since 1996, the program has achieved a billion downloads as of the last download check in 2011. The interface of VLC is very modular and standard; it has the top bars and the bottom video modifications buttons. The options for customization and optimization go really deep in VLC, though many people are just happy with its array of codecs which allow it to play pretty much any video you have. Also unlike Windows Media Player, VLC has a very light usage of cpu even when playing massive files and this largely increases it’s stability. The program being written in C makes it also very fast due the lower level language. Programs written in lower languages such as c, c++ are a lot faster than programs written in higher up languages such as c# etc… VLC also runs in every possible os with the same speed and reliability. It’s also available on android phones. With all these features and abilities, VLC is one of the top video players out there.

Is Google Chrome the Best Browser?


In the early days of the internet, they were few of these things called web browsers and there wasn’t much of a choice as of which one to get. Now though these days the choices have augmented largely and the choice isn’t as simple as choosing the least suspicious one.  Each browser has features unique to it so choosing might be up to you and your preferences. Here are a few features about chrome.

Google Chrome

Chrome is a web browser created by Google in their recent expansion from search engine to multimedia conglomerate. The browser’s aim was simple to be a faster, more secure and integrate the various properties of Google into one simple portal. Chrome’s aims were admirable like all good browsers but did Google achieve that? The speed factor is definitely there, thanks to a new Javascript engine, Google’s Chrome ranks as the fastest web browser as of its creation. But the most important feature for anything interacting with the unknown web should be security. The security is fine from what the using population suggests but most researchers done as to which browser is the best have been very controversial. For example one research that suggested Chrome was the most secure had a conflict of interest in which the research itself was funded by Google. Such is the way of these researches, the best way to find about security is to do a survey on your own to find out what the users in the web and review sites suggest. The aesthetics of the browser are also unique to it, with only safari having a similar look to it. Chrome has a very minimalistic look, if Apple made a browser this is how it would probably look. Although this looks great and slick, it can be annoying to do some simple customizations especially without looking on the web. Another thing positive for Chrome is its fast ability to implant new web features such as html 5, new video codec supports and many more. Google initially promised a lot with Chrome and under delivered. But like Rome, Chrome isn’t going to be built in one day; it has come a long way to being one of the best browsers out there.

Microsoft Office or Open Office?

If you work in an environment where computer work is involved then you surely use of these applications. And even if you don’t these are universally known applications at this point, at least one of them is. But which one is better, is it just a case of comfort? Or is one program technically just better than the other for what it sets out to do.

Like the title says Microsoft Office or Open Office? Those are the two main programs used in most offices for works such as spread sheeting, creating data bases and word processing. First we’ll look at their interfaces, Microsoft Office like all its iterations get’s the look of the new windows OS. If you are running Windows 7 you will be very familiar with the interface of the new office. It has the same start icon for each of its different applications. For those who don’t know, MS Office is not itself a program but a hub for the entire sub Microsoft apps such as Excel, Word and others. The interface for open office isn’t slick looking or with a high design style but its simple and functional which is the most important. Although if you are one for style, you can change the look of Open Office, as you might have guessed Open Office is pretty open to modifications and customization unlike the mostly closed Microsoft Office. Getting to learn the features for Open Office are way easier, since they all have the bare-bones interface which point out the actions you want to do. In Microsoft office software’s, a lot of the features are hidden behind tabs and bars, unless you go looking around a bit you won’t find them. Talking about features, Open Office has everything except the email client, Microsoft has Exchange but it isn’t the best email client out there but at least when you buy Microsoft Office you get it. Other than that they offer the same software’s, one for word processing, spread sheets, presentations, math and a few others. Office has even more software types but those are really niche for specific stuff. Those are a few differences between the two programs, hopefully you can make a better choice with this article.

Best DJ software

One of the most popular music styles in the last decade is the electronic and techno genre. A lot of the famous dj’s and producers got started by playing in their basements on their computers or electronic keyboards with very little professional equipment. Learning has truly become easy through the internet and computer. Applications and tutorials exist for nearly everything. Sometimes it becomes hard to know which application to choose from a sea of possibilities


It is one of the most recognized DJ software around the world. Like many programs of the last few years, VirtualDJ has strived for more intuitive interfaces; one of the main areas where that shows is the drag & drop utility. With that you can easily add different tracks, mix them in a variety of ways and have yourself a remix. Within the software you can use a feature to emulate the scratching board of a real set, which sounds just like the real thing. All the effects such as backdrop, loop, beatgrid are all there and many more. Some very well-known  djs have used this software, such as Numark, Hercules, Gemini. The latest version has a beatlock feature will make sure your track stays with the beat. There now is also a video engine which lets you mix music videos or make karaoke’s easily. The community is easily the largest among all the dj software ones. This leads to a lot of customization benefits such as different skins and add ons for mixing. Either you want to mix some songs or are already known how to dj this software is for everyone, novice to expert.