Connect to Your Favorite Software Sites with Social Media

Downloadable content is scattered all over the Internet, and it’s easy to lose track of all the sites you may visit to add extras to your hard drive. Instead of sorting through bookmarks, trying to remember URLs or scrolling through your Programs List in hopes of getting lucky, connect to your favorite software sites with social media. Many of the companies you download packages from have profiles on popular social sites, just like you.

Following Your Favorites

As any Facebook user knows, you get to see what your friends are up to when you check your social media homepages. Anytime your sister posts that she’s bought another holiday present or your brother announces that he’s watching the game, you see it (whether you want to or not). But sometimes, those random updates can be helpful…depending on who you’re following.

When you follow your favorite software sites, you’ll be among the first to know about special deals, coupons, upgrades, new packages and other news that will keep you in-the-know. Social media is a pleasant distraction, but sometimes it can also be a valuable tool.

Keeping Up With the Patches

As any Windows user knows, software updates are common. Most of the programs you download will automatically update themselves, but this is not a fail-safe system. Software creators may completely reboot their programs, re-releasing software in brand-new packages to leave you out of date. Unless you visit the website to get the new software package, you’ll be stuck using woefully behind-the-times software. Sometimes, your programs may stop functioning because of a different software update that changes the way your system functions. The best way to make sure you’ve got the latest patches, download information and notes is to keep checking the sites where your software packages are located.
Create a “Favorite Sites” List

But who can remember them all? That’s how adding your favorite software packages to your site can help. Many software sites have their own social media profiles. Zugo, for example, has a LinkedIn profile to keep you up-to-date on any changes or important information regarding their toolbar packages.

Instead of filling up your bookmarks list or trying to remember all the software sites you visit, add their social media profiles to a special “software” or “favorite sites” list; this way, you won’t have to repeatedly check homepages to get new information. Important updates will be conveyed through quick social media updates, which you can read while you’re learning about the latest cute trick performed by your aunt’s poodle. Add Zugo LTD and all your favorite software sites today to get immediate updates.

Three Interesting Facts That’ll Change Your Opinion on College Students

People have built a sub-conscience image of what they believe to be the traditional college student. To many people, college students are typically in their late teens to early 20s, living in dorms, and partying it up while occasionally studying for tests. While that description may describe some college students, it can hardly be used to describe all students who attend a college or university.

The following are some interesting facts and statistics that have been collected on various college students. While this information won’t change how everyone views college students, it can help give people a better understanding of what the typical college student might be.

Many College Students Attend Community College

With college tuition costs on the rise, many college students are starting to rely upon community colleges to start their college careers. Community colleges are appealing because they offer a variety of undergraduate courses that students could attend at a four-year college, but at a fraction of the price. It is estimated that 10–20 percent of college students all across America attend a community college.

Veterans and College Education

One of the many reasons people enter the armed forces is to earn money for college. Many armed forces programs offer veterans and active duty servicemen the chance to attend college courses. It is estimated that in 2009 that 3 percent of current undergraduate students were veterans, while another 1 percent of those college students were individuals who were active duty or in the reserves.

Traveling to Receive a College Education

A common misconception many people have about college students is that right after college they pack their bags and travel to a faraway school. While some students will choose to pack-up and head out-of-state for college, most will not. In fact, whether or not a student travels long distances to receive a college education may depend on their IQ or scores on standardized tests.

Statistics show that college students who have a higher IQ or scored higher on the college standardized tests will more likely travel further for a college education. Those same statistics show that students who scored average or below average on those standardized tests were willing to think “I’ll stay right here, and earn my college degree closer to home.”

The misconception surrounding college students will always be around for as long as there are colleges and universities to attend. However, learning that many students attend community colleges, once served in the armed forces, and don’t travel far to attend a college may help people develop a new image when they think of the typical college student.

Hunting Down Your Track in Android’s Music Library

It is estimated that there are around 8,000 genres of music including some pretty bizarre ones, like Nintendocore and Mongolian Throat singing. With limited time on radio stations and the actual physical limitations of record and music stores, finding the exact type of music—let alone some of the more far-out genres—can be difficult and frustrating. However, with the development of the smartphone and the explosion of apps now available for them, finding that track you want to listen to on the way to work just became a whole lot easier.

With the invention and development of an app being as simple as it is, hundreds of thousands of apps are being invented for all kinds of things, and music plays an especially big part. Android music apps exist for a huge variety of musical styles and give you access to whatever type of music you are looking for.

Music Apps for Android

Slacker Radio

Slacker is pretty popular because of the wide variety of music that it gives listeners access to. Little-known genres, like goregrind or the previously mentioned Nintendocore, are hard to come by, but Slacker Radio goes the extra mile to deliver full satisfaction to its listeners.


iheartradio is an radio app devoted solely to playing the hottest U.S. music tracks. If it just recently came out or came back, or if Jimmy Kimmel just covered it on his show, you can probably listen to it on iheartradio. If you are looking for Canadian country or folktronica, iheartradio is probably not the place to start. However, it does play good music that you can rock out by yourself or with friends.

Pandora Radio

Possibly the best known and most popular Internet radio, Pandora truly lives up to its name in supplying an unlimited amount of music, from the best known teeny-bopper song to the only-two-people-have-ever-heard-this song. Pandora makes a point of providing stations based on all kinds of criteria: style, artists, occasions, etc. You can also personalize the type of music that Pandora plays for you, so you’re certain to find just what you’re looking for here.

So, the quest is on! Download the best Android music apps and start compiling your favorite sounds. The Android Market has dozens of apps devoted to sharing all the music the world has to offer—and it’s all at your fingertips.

Top 3 Fun Brain-Training Board Games

In all the hype and flashy excitement that video games have to offer, hours of play can leave your brain over-stimulated with too many images. Not to mention if the game contains bloody violence or gory monsters, you may have nightmares.

If you’re looking for good clean fun that can actually exercise your brain, then board games are the way to go. Here are the top three best board games of all time that can train your brain and be a great way to spend quality time with your family.
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Ins and Outs of Stock Markets

With so much talk in recent years about the stock market – who’s making money and who isn’t – it isn’t a surprise that investor interest has increased. When you think about it, it makes total sense. The economy is showing few signs of recovery; much of the workforce is out of work; money is tight all around. People are looking for ways to make quick investments that pay off well.

For many would-be investors, the stock market represents an economic silver bullet. Some people, wrongly, believe the stock market will make them rich with little effort. Nothing could be further from the truth. The stock market is full of ups and downs. Smart, successful investors conduct extensive research, watch trends closely and move quickly when needed.

Investors who aren’t informed and prepared to adapt to a rapidly changing environment, can expect to take a long bath. But if you are keen on entering the world of investing, there are things that can be done to mitigate losses and improve your chances in often volatile markets. Continue reading Ins and Outs of Stock Markets

How Venture Capital Backs Business

Venture Capitalist is a sticky term that seems to be omnipresent in recent years, especially in terms of business arrangements involving tech companies. But what is it and how does it work?

A venture capitalist – frequently also called an “Angel” – is a wealthy investor, pure and simple. These people, or firms, are usually successful entrepreneurs who are willing to bet a large portion of cash on a fledgling business with something special to offer. Generally, venture capitalists are involved in very large investments that typically consist of many millions of dollars. In exchange for assuming the risk and allowing the use of the money, venture capitalists receive an equity stake in the company.

For many small businesses with big ideas, venture capitalist funding is the way to get their vision to market if they lack available funds. An Angel’s investment can be used for anything business-related, but it will be regulated by the venture capitalist through a “term sheet” that dictates what is to be done and when, as agreed upon by both parties.

Venture capitalists are particularly attractive to technology-based companies that may require large sums to manufacture a software or hardware product, for example, or to build infrastructure, hire staff or even more fully develop the idea the business is made around. Facebook is a terrific example of a tiny operation that started out with virtually no money and no employees and was transformed – with the help of an initial investment – into a multi-billion company that revolutionized social media and made the sub-industry a household name. Talk about a Cinderella story.

Maybe you’ve got an invention or an idea for the next hot ticket and all this talk has you salivating for some venture capitalist funding of your own. There are a few steps you will need to take in order to have a chance at receiving any support.

Here’s what you need:

A really big idea. But it can’t just be a grand notion. It has to be something that will make money and a lot of it. Venture capitalists are in it for the payout, so if they don’t see financial gain on the horizon, they won’t be interested.

A knock-your-socks-off pitch. The great idea is only the start. Then you must develop it into a business plan that can be explained thoroughly to assuage any concerns the investor may have initially. You will need to think quickly and be able to improvise during the presentation. In most cases, the initial meeting can go very quickly, so make sure the presentation has immediate impact.

Contacts. If you don’t know the players it will be difficult to get a meeting. Some firms do welcome initial email proposals and this may be a sufficient entry point for some. Connections can also be made through seasoned lawyers, successful business people such as CEOs and entrepreneurs and other similar types of people. Shake the bushes and see who might be in your circle of influence and able to help.

A lawyer. Taking on the support of a venture capitalist is an important endeavor and should be treated with all the caution and due diligence afforded any major financial transaction. Get everything in writing and make sure a lawyer reviews all documents – particularly the term sheet – prior to signing.

Luck. It always helps.

How to Promote your Freelance Writing Business

If you want freelance writing to pay like a business, you have to treat it like a business. More specifically, you have to treat it like a small business, because that is exactly what it is. And there is one thing universal among small business owners; they live and breathe it. Every minute of every day.

Freelance writing is a great gig if you manage it properly. With a foundation of talent and solid work ethic, a writer can make a solid career out of freelance writing. But it does take work – especially in the beginning when you are building a client roster – with hard work and a healthy dose of properly targeted self-promotion.

To help make sure you’re covering all the bases, here’s a simple primer that lays out all the best practices for self-promotion:
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