Why Low Carb is Better than No Carb

Carbohydrates have gotten a bad reputation the past few years. To hear Dr. Atkins speak, you would think we should all eat nothing but meat, and eschew carbs entirely forever. Unfortunately, this is taking things a bit too far. Going all out on any kind of diet leads to bad things, and moderation is needed no matter what you do. So while it’s great to go with low carbs, you do need carbs. The following are some reasons why.

Keeping Your Muscles Healthy

Your muscle mass is nothing more than a collection of proteins that your body uses for two things: moving around and as an emergency source of energy. If you do not eat carbs, your body will assume that you are starving. Since muscles use calories, it makes sense to make them smaller if you aren’t getting enough already. So you need carbs to make sure your muscles aren’t cannibalized by your body.

Carbs Provide Energy

Without sugars, your cells will die. Your body turns carbs into sugars, which allows you to do all the things you want and need to do. If you don’t get carbs, you won’t be able to do anything for very long and you’ll soon begin to feel as sluggish as slow moving niobrara oil – not a good way to live.

Carbs Support Proper Bowel Movement

A lot of people never think about this, but fiber is a type of carbohydrate. Since your body can’t break down fiber, it simply moves through your system. Like a broom, it sweeps out things that aren’t good for you, and this is extremely healthy. So you need to eat carbs, if only to get your fiber.

Breaking Down Fats and Proteins

Fats and proteins are difficult to break down, so your body has to work harder for this process. Without carbs, your body will not have enough energy to power the process of breaking down proteins and fats.

So your body won’t be able to access the massive amounts of energy you’ll have taken in, and all the food you’ve eaten will go to waste while you starve. The process won’t be quick, but it will eventually happen.

Carbs are a vital part of staying alive and doing everything else you need to do, including digesting and drawing nutrients from the fats and proteins you eat. Without carbs, you will starve, and your body will not function well at all. So ignore the people who say carbs are evil, and simply eat smaller amounts of carbs instead of forsaking them altogether.

Fun Facts about Quitting Smoking

You probably already know that quitting smoking is definitely a good idea from a health perspective. In order to give you some more angles on this topic however, here are 7 fun and interesting facts about quitting that you may find intriguing or even surprising. These facts are all well supported by studies and experimental evidence.


It has been shown that simply focusing on quitting smoking increases your chances of successfully quitting. The more you focus on this outcome, and the more intense that focus is, the higher the odds of your dropping the habit will be. This stands to reason in many ways, but it’s nice to know that there is experimental evidence to back this up.

Avoiding Cues to Smoke

Avoiding the typical cues to smoke – others lighting up, having a smoke in the car as you turn in the radio, and a routine in which you tend to have cigarettes at certain times – increases the odds of your quitting. You can try things like changing around your usual routine, leaving the room when someone else lights a smoke, and so on to avoid having familiar things cue you on to smoke.


The more strategies you employ to help you quit smoking the greater your likelihood of quitting. You can consult a bunch of different sources that offer quit smoking advice and select several strategies to employ. You might, for instance, use an E cigarette, employ some focusing and affirmation techniques, and avoid some smoking cues. These techniques all in conjunction with each other would make it more likely that you would quit than trying each of the techniques on their own (though that, of course, could work as well).


Exercise has been shown to go hand in hand with successful attempts to quit smoking. So you might add a regular workout each morning or every other morning to the set of strategies you are employing (as mentioned above). This will tend to encourage other goals and values than just getting to the next cigarette.

Quitting Makes you Sexy

There is a lot of evidence to support the fact that quitting smoking makes you more attractive to the opposite sex. These are only statistical averages based on people that are surveyed and so forth, and some may find smoking attractive, but the weight of the evidence points to the fact that the majority of people find a non smokers to be the sexy.

Heart Disease Risk Reduction

Risk of heart disease beyond the ordinary non smoker averages has been shown to reduce by a half after you have quit smoking for just one year. It continues to decrease as more time passes. There are still other considerations such as diet and the amount of exercise you get that play into the overall heart disease risk, but quitting smoking puts you at a great advantage here.

Expectant Mothers

Expectant mothers can reduce their risk of their baby’s experiencing perception, motor control, and attention problems by quitting smoking. This is a sure motivator as regards quitting to anyone who cares about the health and well being of a newborn.

Facts About No Carb Diet

Losing weight can be a difficult task for everybody, no matter what your body type or size. However, doctors are beginning to find the people who follow a no carb dieting program are having more success than others. This kind of diet involves eating foods with a low glycemic index, or GI. These types of foods break down glucose and other sugars slowly over time, preventing your body from putting too much weight on in one go. Here are some tips to follow a no carb diet.

Count Your Carbs

The term ‘no carb diet’ is actually a misnomer as even the most carb-obsessed dieters will take on some small amount of carbohydrates each day. You should aim to eat less than 30 grams a day to help your body change to burning fat rather than carbs. Counting the carbs contained in everything you eat is essential, while you should avoid certain kinds of foods altogether. Similarly, limit yourself to eating vegetables, meats and nuts to ensure you are getting the right kinds of proteins and fats.

Eat Small Meals

It is also a good idea to eat smaller meals at more regular intervals throughout the day, rather than three large meals. Eating around six small meals a day will help increase your metabolism and burn extra fat. This will also ensure that you are less hungry throughout the day and will not be tempted to snack on unhealthy foods like crisps or biscuits.

Get Plenty of Vegetables

Filling up on vegetables will serve two purposes in your new dieting regime. Firstly, the vegetables will fill you up, leaving you feeling less hungry but with only a marginal amount of calories added to your diet. Additionally, eating plenty of green vegetables will give you extra fiber. This will help give you regular bowel movements and avoid the constipation that is so common among low-carb dieters. Typically beneficial green vegetables for your diet include broccoli, cucumber, lettuce and spinach.

Eat The Correct Ratio of Fat and Protein

It is important to eat one part fat to two parts protein while you are on a no carb diet. This will ensure that your body effectively breaks down the fat in your body rather than carbs, helping you lose weight. If you fail to do this, your body will resort to burning proteins and body mass, which is not a desirable result.

Avoid ‘Frankenfoods’

It is often tempting to eat ‘Frankenfoods’ when dieting – that is, foods such as ice-cream, bread and biscuits that purport to be low in carbohydrates. Although they are technically low in certain types of carbs, they are astronomically high in sugar alcohols which will unfortunately make you put on weight. The best technique is to just stick to your no carb foods and avoid the temptation to cheat!

Movie Review: Sense and Sensibility

Ask any woman on the planet and she’ll tell you that Jane Austen was one of the most romantic writers in the history of time. Though Austen never got married, her novels delved deep into the human soul and the emotions that romance evokes. One of the best examples of her romantic writing ability is “Sense and Sensibility” which was first published in 1811. While the story takes place two-hundred years ago, it still captures the hearts of readers. The story also happens to capture the hearts of movie lovers. In December 1995, the movie wowed woman not only with the retelling of such a classic story, but with the use of great acting. Let’s take a closer look into why “Sense and Sensibility” is one of the best romantic movies of all time.

The Story

“Sense and Sensibility” is definitely what you would call a “chick flick”. In fact, the movie is almost two hours worth of heartache. Austen had the ability to create fully rounded characters that readers were able to connect with. Even in the movie, viewers fall in love with the characters and feel the same emotions as they do. Watching the main characters have their hearts broken touches you so deeply and when everyone finds happiness, you cry from sheer joy. How is it possible that a movie can affect you in such a way? It all boils down to great acting.

The Acting

“Sense and Sensibility” was destined to be a great movie from the very beginning. Not only was the story line one that would appeal to women all over the country, but the actors and actresses chosen for the lead characters were unbeatable. The most important character in the book, Elinor, was played by Emma Thompson. Thompson held her ground as a strong-willed character, while also being able to show such deep emotions. Another star actor in the film was Hugh Grant, who played the role of Edward. The scene where Edward tells Elinor of his love and that he’s left his finance are cinema gold. Of course, this film cannot be reviewed without mentioning the talent of Alan Rickman. Rickman played the part of Colonel Christopher Brandon, a man who has seen much heartache in his time and loves a woman who may never love him back. As any fan of Rickman can tell you, anything he touches turns to pure gold.

Yes, this move may be almost 20 years old, but it captures the love story written by Austen in the early 1800s so well. The acting in this movie is some of the best you will ever see. It’s highly recommend to any woman that has a deep love for romance and stellar British acting.

Nichol Linebrink is a full-time writer who enjoys reviewing movies, music, and videos. She also writes about technology and  and how electronic leasing sites like www.presta.com can help people gain access to technology they may have otherwise been unable to afford.

Fun Facts about Real Estate

If you’re thinking of getting into real estate, it can help to approach it in a way that is fun rather than like homework. Taking a look at some interesting real estate facts, with no particular eye to “making money” right away can help you to do this. This can lead you to take an interest in the topic that will help you to be in a successful mind set. With this in mind, the following are some fun facts about real estate.

The Best Market Indicators

Often people wonder what the best indicators of the real estate market are. This helps them determine whether or not to buy or sell. What are known as market indicators are just that – indicators that tell what kind of real estate market you are dealing with. The best indicators tend to be mortgage interest rates, the sales of houses in the area that have already occurred, and the amount of new houses being built in the area. Mortgage interest rates indicate how easy it is to borrow money and purchase a house, the existing sales show how quickly and easily houses are selling, and new construction also demonstrates how well houses are selling in the area – builders want to build where houses will sell quickly and fetch high prices.
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Fun Stuff About Charitable Gifts Give Back

When we talk about gifts, the old refrain “It’s better to give than to receive” usually comes in to play at some point. But why not, “It’s better to give AND receive?”

The spirit of giving is already in the air ahead of the holiday season, so there is no better time to be considering how you will show loved ones you care. Will you get the latest plastic trinket that holds zero intrinsic value, or will you do something more meaningful that actually has an impact on the community or world we live in?
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How to Build a Professional Looking Website Easily For Free

Professionals always make sure that their uniforms, offices and even their proceedings to be truly professional. Even the communication tact is truly professional. This proves that professionalism is very important if you want to attain success. No matter which industry you belong to or what kind of job you are in, all that matters is the professionalism in you.

As we give proper consideration to make our offices, uniforms, etiquette, communication skill to be professional, so is the thing with our websites. Websites are very important aspect of any business and this it has to be completely professional. Websites creates our online presence and having a professional website makes our online presence strong.

Online reputation is very important presently as people now rely more and more on internet. Promotion of business is one of the most practical benefits of internet. As the importance of website is increasing day by day so are increasing the free portals to create a website. Creating a website was an intricate task earlier but with these free web portals anyone with a little knowhow can create their own website.
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5 Home Tricks for Beating the Common Cold

No one likes to be sick, but sometimes it almost seems unavoidable. You go to work and everyone is hacking and sneezing. The grocery stores are filled with people that look half-dead and your children are coming home with a plethora of germs. Is there any way to avoid the common cold or are you destined to get sick? Stop worrying. Here are five tricks for beating the common cold.

Wash Your Hands Obsessively

During cold and flu season, you need to wash your hands as often as possible. This is especially true when you’re out in public. If you don’t have access to water and soap, carry hand sanitizer with you. Either way, you should clean your hands after touching door knobs, stair rails, grocery carts, etc before touching your face. Continue reading 5 Home Tricks for Beating the Common Cold

South Africa Vacation Fun Facts

South Africa is a wild and mesmerizing place that embodies all of the iconic qualities of the great continent. From safaris to bungee jumping, every day in South Africa is an adventure rivaled by none.

Everyone to from the seasoned traveler to the wide-eyed neophyte will find something in South Africa to satisfy their need to “leave ordinary behind” as the country’s official travel slogan declares. Solo travelers, friends, families, couples – everyone is welcomed by South Africa’s friendly inhabitants and made to feel at home. Continue reading South Africa Vacation Fun Facts

Some Fun Facts About Advance Degree

In this troubled economy, manufacturing and other traditionally middle-income jobs have fallen by the wayside leaving many millions of people out of work across the country. Even those who have managed to maintain gainful employment through years of tribulations are facing instability, pay freezes, an end to upward mobility and few options for changing the landscape with a new job at a different company.

With ideological gridlock clamping down on Washington D.C., there is little hope politicians will lead the way to a solution. The business community – including the stock market – has been hammered so badly by fiscal problems and uncertainty that no one wants to make the brash decisions that tend to lead the way toward resolution. Continue reading Some Fun Facts About Advance Degree