5 Great Short Books To Read

Here are some of the short novels/books I have read and really enjoyed. Even if you are someone who doesn’t like reading you will enjoy some of these wonderful books.

5- A Descent Into The Maelstrom By Edgar Allan Poe

A very strange yet interesting old man tells the story of the survival of his shipwreck and also how he managed to survive a whirlpool. Mr Poe’s works are often associated with macabre although some parts in the book confirm that, most of the book is about mystery and surprises.

4- Candide By Voltaire

If you like comedy and wits this book is made for you. It will engross you in a world with bizarre politics and different societies. Sometimes the satire is too much but Voltaire knows when it’s enough.

3- Any of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Short Stories

As a physician himself Sir Arthur told some of the situation with such depth not seen often in books. All of his stories have wits, intellectuality and mystery. For anyone who loves those three genres, Sir Arthur’s Sherlock Holmes will be perfect for you.

2-The Old Man And The Sea By Ernest Hemingway

Another story about an old man, Ernest Hemingway’s last work, I believe. An old man who fishes hasn’t got a fish for over 80 days. The book reveals how he catches a huge marlin and his struggle to get him back on land. A test of strength between man and nature. Very very short read.

1- The Ebb-Tide By Robert Louis Stevenson

Really liked this, I don’t want to say much about what happens. But the story revolves about a few characters living in Tahiti, all come from different social backgrounds. It’s the classical story where all there problems somehow intervene .

There are so many great books, it is hard to make a definitive list. These are a few I enjoyed.

What Causes a Wildfire?

A recent wildfire in Colorado occurred, it is a phenomenon that happens all year long in many different places. But not many people know how they start and why they occur in certain places more than other.

A wildfire is like a normal fire, certain conditions need to be present for a flame to start then depending on a multitude of  other variables the size and velocity of the fire are defined.

What Causes A Wildfire?

Simple question but not easy to answer. As you probably know you can start a fire with many things, there are two categories of wildfire: of human source and natural cause. Natural causes are more often seen in North America, lighting, volcano’s, swift weather changes. Human Sources occur a lot too, but in other parts of the world such as Asia, Australia, Central and South America. Small things like cigarette butts, animal husbandry, sparks from equipment.

They occur randomly sometimes when a place has rain for a few years then heat settles in. Then those areas are bound to be ignited sooner than later. As seen in the case of the worst wildfire in North America. The Peshtigo fire, which destroyed million dollars  of property and took thousands of lives. The area was suffering massive drought and higher than average temperatures, that and some human activities combined created the biggest wildfire ever in America. The human activities which caused this are  a many but not one is more to blame than the other.

Wild fires in Portugal have been in prominent this year too.  None of the normal human activities which have been common to cause wildfires happen there. But how come over 14,000 wildfires have already happened in Portugal. It is not only a record but the year has yet to finish, September and October could bring further fires.

We have a few techniques to suppress these catastrophes but no way to really know why and how they happen. We have always find many things which could cause it but it always remain inconclusive.

Learn more about the tragedy that happened in the October of 1871.

More on the Peshtigo fire…

Something that wasn’t much talked about in this article but is worth checking out.

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School Tools and Wish List

Traditional expert driven learning is soon to become a dinosaur in the 21st century. The speed of information technologies and the amount of information available with just a few clicks has made students into teachers and teachers into students. In 1989 the future was multi media. Ten years later the web was the future. Today smart mobile can take the classroom to almost anyplace in the world. No longer does the world have to go to the classroom. If in 20 years, technology has changed the way we learn and how we learn, this much, it is not hard to imagine a future where the traditional ivy covered walls become more of a social experience than that of a learning experience. Some might argue they already have. No matter what, its that time of the year again. Back to school. An opportunity for a new “life adventure”, renew friendships, network and advance your education. To that end, if the following directory of “toys” and “tools” might be near the top of your to do list, read on!

Wish List

We checked out some pretty neat stuff to help you make it through the school year, all with an element of new technology, some that embrace the web. So pick up Daddy Warbucks and lets go shopping. If you don’t know who Daddy Warbucks is, your first assignment is to Wiki him and find out.

Toshiba Portege

How about a nice new laptop with lots of bells and whistles to start your school year? This 13 inch high end/low price marvel gets rave reviews for its combination of solid performance and superior construction. $800

Alienware M11X

At a little over 11 inches screen size this notebook offers a lot of “bang for the buck” including iCore processors, good sound quality, high end graphics and long life battery. $1200

HTC Evo 4G

For a couple of hundred dollars you can pocket Sprint’s best smartphone. Feature laden with 4G capability, this Android phone is easy to use and offers good performance. A GPS keeps you from getting lost while you find your way around your new city. $199

Altec Lansing Mix iMT800

Dorm rooms are small but your music doesn’t have to be. Plug your iPod into this multimedia boombox and impress your friends as you party on. $220

Canon EOS Rebel (big camera)

The T2i is a DSLR that offers good performance and ease of use for less than $1,000. You can even shoot video and make home movies. When your cell phone camera “just wont do”, the Canon T2i is a good way to keep in touch with friends and family back home and build a photo and video album of your school days. $850

Canon PowerShot SD780IS (little camera)

This very good pocket sized, full featured point and shoot sells for $180.

Klipsch Image S4 earphones

When your roomie wants to study and you want to listen to tunes, these earphones sound a whole lot better than their price tag of $80 suggests.

Apple iPad

This tablet device is a synthesis of laptop and smartphone allowing users to view media, play games, research information with iBooks and Kindle apps, even watch movies and a whole lot more. $500-$700

Apple iMac

For the architect, art, design and visual image crowd this 27inch screen and fast processor also boasts a mini port gateway to entertainment as well as functionality. $1500+

Laptop, smartphone, music components, camera and iPad, wish list items to make your school year even more memorable as well as help you learn. Hard to believe that just a few years ago some of this technology didn’t even exist. Imagine what the near future will bring to the way we learn.


What follows is a list of top 3 no cost websites that offer helpful information, methodology and an easy to follow cyber road map for your educational journey.

Photo Sharing

For keeping in touch, photosharing has become another web based social communications tool. Check out-
Photobucket, Flicker and Webshots.

Video Sharing

Like photo sharing, video sharing allows users to upload and store video for all the world to see.
YouTube, Metacafe and Break are the top 3 video sites.

Social Networks

Like millions of other people, hang out in your choice of cyber café be it
Facebook, MySpace or Linkedin.

Auction Houses

Clean out your closet and earn extra cash with
eBay, (14 million auctions happening at any moment) UBid and Webidz

10 sites Of Interest

1. www.readplease.com

Increased access to all visual information and read any pasted text.

2. www.answers.com A Q&A information site

3. www.wordweb.com Word definitions and synonyms

4. Corp.credoreference.com An on line reference/research service

5. www.studenttools.info
A compendium of useful information especially relevant for students beginning post secondary education.

6. Www.ed.gov/ “to promote student achievement and preparation for global competiveness”

7. www.bls.gov/ A government data base published by the Department of Labor. A good resource for labor related statistics and more.

8. www.sec.gov/ Financial planning, saving and investing information.

9. www.softpedia.com/ An encyclopedia of free software downloads with some terrific programs for Mac and PC students at any level.

10. mashable.com/
A facebook free for all of good information.

There are thousands more information sites stored in the library called www. These few are tabled here just to pique your curiosity. After all an inquisitive mind is one of the very best educational tools available.