Bad Breath Cures

Some people have bad breath 24/7, this is not for those people. This for people who have bad breath at times even if they brush it comes back after a few hours. Imagine being next to your girlfriend’s father and coming close to him to talk about your future. But all he can think about is your horrifying breath.

I will give you 3 tips on how to fix bad breath quickly. Want to get rid of bad breath in restaurant with a special friend, yes there are ways to fix this swiftly.

Tip # 1: Keep your mouth wet, if your mouth get’s dry easily which happens to a lot of people. There is a very easy way to fix this, drink some liquor.  But for some people the mouth keeps getting dry so that fix doesn’t work. If you’re at home or at restaurant, get a lemon and squeeze all the juice in your mouth. The acid keeps your mouth moist and undry.

Tip# 2: This one is effective in restaurants especially. If you sense that your breath is atrocious, ask the waiter for a dish with parsley, ginger, basil or mint. Those things are great combatants of bad breath.

Tip# 3: Ask for a small packet of salt, put it in your pocket without anyone noticing. Tell your party that you need to use the washroom, gorge a bit of water and then pour the salt in your mouth. Gargle it till you think it has done it’s job. Remember hot water and salt is good combo to defeat bacteria in the mouth.

Hemorrhoid Cures

Hemorrhoid is a disease that is quickly expanding and around 4/5 of adults will experience it some point in their lives in Europe & North America. Even if the disease can be very unpleasant there are treatments to prevent it from growing into something bigger.

There are four degree’s of hemorrhoids, the 1st being the least and the 4th being the most dangerous. Those who have the 4th degree might be risking anal cancer. If you bleed from the anus and can’t sit properly you should contact your family doctor or go to the emergency cure. The doctor will probably determine the severity of your condition with a physical examination.

But if your case is less severe there are some home cures you can try out. These cures have been tested and been known to work for people with hemorrhoids.

-Ointments: You can find ointments at a local herb store, find one with a numbing agent such as hazel.

-Most hemorrhoid affected people like to bath in warm water all the time. After a long bath dry the zone with a hair drier.

-Cold packs, place a cold pack on the swelling and it might ease the pain.

-Use moist toilet paper, dry paper may endanger your swelling even more and moist paper has anti bacteria biotic on it.

-Painkillers, they can give a short term relief but might become addicting to some people.

If these hemroids cure don’t work for you, you should check hemorrhoid treatment clinically.

Preparing for a Hurricane

For those living in the golf coast these times can be troubling because of a persistent hurricane season each year. Tropical storm, hurricane, call it what you will they all bring the same thing, destruction. States that are often the target of such violent nature devastation have now become more adapt with some prevention methods.

Dangers Associated With Tropical Storms

More often than not, you have to worry about other things other than the strong wind.

-Floods, these can occur from heavy rain caused by the massive switch in the system, drainage problem or a ditch.

-Storm Surge, this occurs in larger hurricanes such as Katrina, it is what kills the most people.

These are some of the dangers associated with a hurricane. To stop these dangers from harming you, you need materials. Collecting materials such as wood and shutters to block windows is a good idea. You should get the material way before a storm is even announced. Get a generator in case the power is gone in your house while the storm. Also have an evacuation plan, have state size maps. If stuck in a storm you will know the nearest shelter etc…

Those are a few advices to prepare for a storm. Always check your state’s disaster prevention site. They will include news about storms, updates and many tips on surviving if such things occur.